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Cute Things to Do With Your Girlfriend

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Cute Things To Do With Your Girlfriend



What are some cute things to do with your girlfriend to spice up your relationship? What are some of the things you can do to entertain your girlfriend so that she will feel happy in the relationship?

1.    Cook Together

Cooking together is one of the cute things to do with your girlfriend. Cooking with your girlfriend will help both of you to feel very connected as you talk whilst putting the meal together.

Furthermore, it will give you a chance to interact in a relaxed atmosphere which will go a long way to deepen the camaraderie in the relationship, as well as strengthen the rapport between both of you. Additionally, as you co-operate, as you agree to use this ingredient or that ingredient, as you agree to disagree, as you make compromises, you will both learn how to put your differences aside to focus on doing something together which will help you to communicate better in the relationship.

So, cook an exotic meal together with her. It will give both of you an opportunity to learn something new, which will breathe vitality and freshness into your relationship. Or, let your girlfriend cook a meal she loves but which you do not really enjoy so that you will learn how to compromise for the sake of your girlfriend.


2.    Create Your Own Love Song

Use some of the memorable events of your relationship or memorable things you have done for each other to create love songs. For example, you may use how you met each other, wonderful moments you have spent at exciting places or something your lover did to get you from trouble in the past to compose an emotional song that both of you will both love listening to time and time again. Play the musical instrument and let your girlfriend sing the lyrics when you are creating the song.


3.    Read Literature Together

Some studies suggest that reading literature can help you to understand other people better. Additionally, reading literature can help you to better empathize with people. Moreover, when you read, you can understand other people’s point of view better.

When you understand your girlfriend better, you will find it easier to compromise when there are disagreements so that you can maintain peace between the two of you.

Additionally, when you find it easier to empathize with her, you are more likely to treat her with love and tenderness, which will help to strengthen the bond of love between the two of you.

Furthermore, when you are able to see things from her point of view sometimes, it will help both of you to resolve conflicts amicably so that you can maintain the harmony and stability of your relationship.

So, make time to read love novels together. Put your smartphones off, cut yourself off from all distractions, and read to each other, analyze what you read together, reflect on what you read and remind yourselves of how you can use that knowledge to improve your relationship so that you can create intimacy between your girlfriend and yourself.


4.    Listen To Upbeat Music Together

Listening to cheery music together can help both of you to boost your moods. When you are happy and your lover is also happy, you will relate in loving, tender, caring ways to your partner and that can enhance peace, love, and harmony in your relationship.

Furthermore, it will infuse excitement and happiness into your relationship, which will increase the chances that your relationship may succeed.


5.    Exercise Together Frequently

Research suggests that partners feel excited about their relationship, and feel more affectionate towards their partner, when they exercise together.

Exercising together will help both of you to synchronize your feelings. Furthermore, it will encourage a spirit of co-operation in the relationship. Additionally, it will help both of you to aim towards having common goals, which can enhance unity in the relationship.

  • Therefore, join hands and go for a brisk walk for one hour.
  • Or, if your girlfriend is cute and lightweight, carry her on your back and walk around as she whispers sweet nothings into your ears.
  • Or, jog for 30 minutes through serene woods, settle down for a picnic, and talk about the future of your relationship.
  • Alternatively, throw tennis balls at your lover and let her try to catch it.


6.    Focus On The Good Qualities Of Your Lover

  • Write down 50 things you like about your partner and let her do likewise.
  • Exchange your lists and memorize the good things your girlfriend wrote about you.
  • Then quiz each other about some of the memorable things you have done to make each other happy in the past.

By doing this, you will focus on the positive sides of each other and that will help you to have positive thoughts about your lover.

Focusing on the positive this way will help you to magnify even the small, adorable traits of your lover which will help to deepen the goodwill you have for your partner and that will help you to maintain a healthy relationship.


7.    Watch A Foreign Movie

Rent a movie made on another continent or about another culture, settle in each other’s arms, and enjoy it together. It will afford you an opportunity to learn about other people and other cultures, which will broaden your horizon and help you to look at life and your relationship from a different perspective. Furthermore, you will learn about ways people of other cultures manage to sustain strong relationships, which will empower you with knowledge you can use to improve your relationship.


8.    Watch A Soccer Game Together

Dress in the jerseys of your favorite soccer teams and watch them on TV over bottles of smoothies and popcorn or whilst you eat your favorite meal together. On the other hand, buy tickets and go and watch a live game of the teams you love.


9.    Watch Humorous YouTube Videos

Go to YouTube and search for the funniest YouTube videos on that site. Compile a list of between 30 and 50 funny videos. Then, regularly, watch these videos together and laugh. It will induce positive feelings in both of you which will help to make you positively predisposed towards your partner—you will find it easier to forgive petty mistakes by your partner and you will relate to your partner with happiness in your heart.


10.                      Dance Together

Play a hot tune, grab the hand of your girlfriend, and dance with passion to the exciting rhythms. Tickle her as you dance, tease her, and create excitement to make it fun. You may choose to learn dances from other countries so that you can introduce novelty and fun into your dance sessions.



Some cute things you can do  with your girlfriend are to cook together, to create a memorable love song together, to read, listen to upbeat music or exercise together, or to watch funny videos so that you can always feel happy.


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Incorporate Me Into Your Relationship: How Involving God in Your Relationship Can Help to Make it Better

incorporate me
Incorporate Me

Many young men and women overlook the fact that it is the Lord God Almighty who created romantic relationships, and that His help can make you have a wonderful relationship.
Through His word, the Bible, and in many different ways, He tells us, “Incorporate me in your life and in your romantic relationship, for because I am the originator of love relationships, I am the best Person to help you have a great romantic relationship.”
In this article, I want to share with you the advantages of acknowledging God in your romantic relationship.
Let us now take a look at some ways involving God in your romantic relationship can help you to have an absolutely incredible relationship.

1. God Will Keep Opportunists And Relationship Wreckers Away From Your Relationship
When You commit your relationship to the God of love, He brings His influence to bear in the relationship. God is described in Deuteronomy 32 v 11-12 as a Mother Eagle. A mother eagle spreads abroad her wings in order to protect and hide her young from an attack. With her wings, the mother eagle can drive off assailants and soar away with her young. In other words, she is so tender.
In just that same way, God will be tender towards you and your relationship, when you commit it to Him and invite Him to be a part of it. He will constantly shelter you with His strong presence and keep assailants, such as people who want to steal your partner away from you, away from your partner, if you ask Him to. This will give you peace of mind to enjoy your partner or mate.

2. God’s Influence On Your Relationship Can Help To Prevent Breakups
So many romantic relationship breakup when the relationship goes through strain. Partners start having frequent fights, that creates tension in the relationship, and finally the partners part ways when they can’t reconcile their differences.
However, God pities those who look to Him and involve Him in whatever they do. Father God senses tender love for lovers and couples who commit their lives and their relationship to Him.
He knows you are just clay and that you will sink under a heavy load. He knows that you can easily be broken under the pressure of severe trial. And so when your relationship is going through strain, if your lover or spouse is abusing you or making life hard for you, or if you are facing financial difficulties which is threatening to destroy your relationship, and you call on God, He will intervene to bring peace so that you can resolve differences, or He can make ways to provide for you. He is the God who makes 7,000 ways where there seems to be no way.
As a Father, He will inspire courage and fortitude in you to make you withstand any challenge that will come your way. Consequently, you can withstand hardship better, you can manage challenges better as a couple which will make your relationship resilient and able to stand the test of time.

3. God Is The “Mother” Who Will Comfort You And Give U Peace
God is the mother that comforts her children. One of the names for God is “El Shaddai”—a term which means “the breasted one.”
As a mother, He can bring comfort and peace to your heart when your lover or spouse is mistreating you.
Consequently, you will continue to maintain tranquility in your heart, you will maintain a sense of purpose, and you will continue to maintain order in your life, when your partner hurts you. Additionally, you will find it easier to ignore hurts and slights so that you keep working on your relationship to make it work.
On the other hand, people who do not involve God in their relationships are quick to revenge when their partner hurts them, this lead to fights which weaken those relationships.

4. Prayer Can Make Your Partner More Committed To The Relationship
One way you can involve God in your romantic relationship is to communicate with Him through prayer.
Research has revealed that praying for your partner or spouse can make him or her more committed to the relationship. A lover who is more committed to the relationship or marriage will devote more time to it, will treat you with love and respect, and will do all he or she can do to make the relationship work.
So, regularly, pray for your partner. You may pray a prayer such as, “Dear God, Glory be to Your Holy Name for helping me to meet Isaac. Father, I love Isaac a lot and I want our relationship to last until we marry, or until we die (if you are married). Please work on the heart and mind of Isaac so that he will continue to focus on this relationship. Let him continue to be dedicated to our friendship so that we can bond better as lover. Let him continue to be devoted to me and to this relationship, to sacrifice his time to have conversations with me, let him cheer me up when I am down, let him continue to give me gifts so that we can continue to create a healthy relationship. Lord, let him continue to love me. Help him to resist the advances of other women so that he will remain true to me. Let him continue to have the “we” feeling and not the “me” feeling. Help him to continue to cooperate with me to overcome the challenges that we will face so that we can build a robust love relationship that can withstand all the storms that we will face. Amen.”

5. Involving God In Your Relationship Through Prayer Can Make You Bond Better
Research has shown that when people pray together, they become nicer and also the feelings of camaraderie become stronger.
Consequently, praying can make you relate to your lover or spouse better. Additionally, you are more likely to trust your partner or spouse, and your partner will trust you better. Trust is one of the essential ingredients needed to “cook” a great relationship.
Besides, the rapport between the two of you will be strong, you will bond better and the love connection between the two of you will be very strong and that can lead to a happier, stronger relationship or marriage.
So, regularly, if you are dating, pray a prayer such as this with your partner, “Dear God, I thank you that I met Isaac. I thank You that You have kept us for all these years that we have been going out. Lord, we want our relationship to grow, we want to love each other more and more every day until we marry eventually. Please help us. Help us to remain true and faithful to each other. Help us to be able to resist the temptations to cheat that will come our way so that we can remain loyal o each. Help us to develop our friendship so that from day to day we will grow closer in love. And in this age where promiscuity is so rife, help us to resist the urge to commit fornication so that You will continue to love us and give us Your grace to help our relationship to work. Amen.”

6. Prayer If You Are Married
If you are married, pray a prayer such as this every day so that God will help your marriage to work, “Dear God, Heavenly Father, we thank you for your mercies and grace that are keeping us together every blessed day. Lord, You tell us in Your word that unless You build the house, we labor in vain if we try to build the house. Yes, Lord, we recognize that if You don’t help us to build this marriage, if You don’t protect us from evils influences, if You don’t teach us to forgive one another when we hurt each other, if You don’t teach us to love one another, especially when it is difficult to love our spouse, our marriage cannot stand the test of time. Father, please help us. Help us to continue to understand each other so that we can empathize with each other. Help us to continue to act with humility towards each other so that we can accommodate each other to strengthen the harmony in the marriage. Please help us to control our anger when we have disagreements so that the small quarrels will not escalate into big fights that may destroy the stability of this marriage. Help us to treat each other with respect and consideration. Help us to guard our hearts against destructive influences such as drugs and alcohol, so that we can maintain the peace in this marriage. We need You, Lord. Help us every day so that we can build a beautiful, lovely marriage to Your glory. Amen.”
Furthermore, you can easily infuse prayer into your day so that you can lift your partner before the Heavenly throne of grace for Divine intervention to take place.

7. Go To Church Together Regularly
Another way you can involve the Great Jehovah in your relationship or marriage is to go to church often. Research shows that going to church regularly can give you positive emotions.
Another study conducted by the Institute for Family Studies suggests that couples who attend church together relate to each other better than couples who do not go to church together regularly.
When you feel positive about yourself and about life, you are more likely to be cheerful. This will have a positive effect on your personality, make you more likeable and lovable, you will make the relationship more exciting, you will treat your lover or spouse with dignity and honor, and that can increase the chances that the relationship will be strong and healthy.
So, do not stay at home on Sundays. Resolve to spend that time in church so that you can experience the praise, worship, singing, dancing, and exultations that go on there. As you participate in the activities, as you worship Jehovah and sing to the glory of His name, and as you fellowship and interact with fellow church members, you will get tips which can help you to improve your relationship with your girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse, your spirits will be lifted and all that will help to make you a better lover. Additionally, God will speak to you through the sermons about themes such as believing in Him so that you can be a secure person, you can be content with your partner, and you can persevere when challenges come, which will all go a long way to make your relationship work.

8. God Can Speak To You Through His Word, The Bible
Another way you can involve God in your romantic relationship or marriage is to make Bible reading together a habit. God speaks to us through the Bible. There are many passages in the Bible which teach about relationships and marriage, and which can help both of you work through problems in your relationship so that your romantic relationship will have a better chance of working.
• For example, 1 Corinthians 7 gives couples sex advice, Ephesians 5 v 21—23 teaches spouse how to relate to each other so that there will be harmony, peace, love, and joy in the marriage, and 1 Corinthians 13 teaches about how to love your partner.
• As you keep reading God’s word, He will mold you, just as a potter molds clay, and work on your hearts and minds so that you will cherish and treasure your partner or spouse a lot more. That will help you to communicate better in your relationship, you will resolve conflicts better, you will learn to live in fear of God, and you will reverence God which make you more willing to honor your marriage vows. Consequently, you will both be happy in the marriage and that will make you have a stronger marriage.
• If you are not married, involving God in your relationship by reading the Bible often as lovers and obeying His commandments, such as the commandment not to have casual sex, will help to make your relationship better—according to a study published in the Journal of Family Psychology published by the American Psychological Association, unmarried couples in relationships who delay having sex

incorporate me
Incorporate Me
until they marry have a more stable relationship, are more satisfied in their relationship, and communicate better in their relationships than partners who have casual sex.

9. It Will Help You Resolve Conflicts Peaceably
When you cultivate spirituality as a couple or as lovers, you will surrender your hearts and your wills to God. That will increase your spiritual intimacy.
Consequently, God will rule in your hearts. Therefore, you will be able to act with kindness towards each other. So, you will find it easier to forgive your partner or spouse when there are misunderstandings during relationship conflicts—you will remain calm when your partner or spouse hurts you, you will pray about it so that you can control your temper before you react. This will help to prevent big fights that can tear your relationship apart.

10. God Will Give Both Of You Joy
One superb way God can influence your relationship positively is to put His Spirit in your hearts so that you can live a life of joy.
Joy will help you to have a calm, assured confidence in God, to trust in His love for you as a lovers or as a couple, and to know and feel that God will always be there in your relationship or marriage no matter what challenges you face. This will give you peace of mind so that you can enjoy each other.
Furthermore, this joy will make it easier for you to be selfless, to sacrifice for each other instead of seeking to preserve yourselves. You will desire to seek the comfort of your partner or spouse above your own comforts and that will make your partner feel happy and he or she will relate to you better.
Moreover, this joy will give you a submissive mind. That will make you think “my spouse deserves respect” instead of “I can treat my spouse any way I want.” You will seek the greater good of the relationship and not your own parochial interests and that will help to make your relationship healthy.
Besides, this joy will give you a secure mind. A secure mind will help you to remain calm under pressure when trouble strikes your relationship. So, you will not get easily frustrated and irritable, you will not get dissatisfied with your partner when hardships come, and that will help to maintain the stability in the relationship. Consequently, your love for each other may last a life-time.

11. God Will Help You To Get Your Self-Confidence Back When You Err—He Forgives Imperfect Spouses
One of the simple yet beautiful verses of the whole Bible is the phrase, “God is love.” God showed this love to the woman in John 8 who was caught in adultery— He forgave her for her sin.
Today, many spouses who have cheated on their spouses but have truly repented are crushed because they feel rejected as a result of words of scorn and ridicule poured on them by their spouses. This makes them have low-self esteem
Unlike your spouse who may judge you when you err, God will not judge you. Yes, He will let you know that you have sinned, but He will give you love and a refuge in His bosom, He will not condemn you, and He will give you a second chance, if you truly repent. This will help you to gain your self-esteem back so that you can try to win the trust of your partner back.

These are some of the ways God can help to make your relationship better or make it work. God says to us in many ways every day that, “Incorporate me into your relationship and I will use my Great Power to transform it so that it will be a relationship others will envy.”
Many others have taken up this challenge and are enjoying the positive fruits of working with God in their relationships every day.
If you are struggling to create a sustainable, enjoyable relationship, involve God in your relationship today and it will experience a positive transformation.

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How to Start a Text Conversation With a Girl

start a text conversation with a girl
How to Start a Text Conversation With a Girl

Kofi Amponsah has seen this gorgeous girl in school and he is attracted to her. Through one of his friends, he has been able to get the girl’s phone number and he wants to get to know the girl better so that he can date her.
“I feel strongly attracted to her and I want her to be my friend. But I have not been able to muster the courage to talk to her yet. So, I want to start something through the phone. How can a guy start a text conversation with a girl?” he asks.
Let us look at some ways you can start a text conversation with a girl you just met, with a girl you barely know, with a girl you know, or with a girl you like so that you can guarantee a response from her which will enable you to influence her to like you.

1. Begin With Something Interesting
Most guys will just say, “Hi. How are you? I think you are beautiful!” or “Hello dear, you look cute. I like you and I want to be your friend. Can we hook up?” or something like that. Using lines like these will make the girl think you are an unimaginative guy, a lazy guy, or an unromantic guy and that will put her off. Girls have heard these lines for centuries and they are not moved anymore when they hear such lines.
So, you have to be creative, and you have to sound interesting and exciting so that she will see that you will be interesting to converse with, if you want to start an interesting conversation with a girl via text.
For example, you may write something such as, “You know what, I have met a lot of girls in my life and I must say none of those girls compares to you in beauty. I want to get to know you more. Would you like to be my friend?” or “Imagine getting to know a guy who will treat you like the Queen of England, who will help you to deal with emotional challenges you may face, and who will be a friend you can count on. You would love that , wouldn’t you? Well, I am that guy! Want to know more about me?”

2. Ask Her A Question
Questions are great tools you can use to start a text conversation with a girl because they normally require a response. The girl may think that if she does not respond she will be seen as a rude girl and that may make her reply to your text so that you can keep the conversation flowing.
However, do not ask her a lot of close-ended questions. These types of questions require just a “Yes” or “No” answer and so they will not facilitate the conversation. Close- ended questions begin with “Do you…?” “Have you…?” “Is…?” “Am…?” “Are…?” Examples are, “Do you like books?” or “Is spring your favorite season?”
Rather, ask her a lot of open-ended questions. Open-ended questions start with “Who…?” “When…?” “What…?” “Why…?” “Where…?” “How…?” and they make the other person express himself or herself. Examples of these kinds of questions are, “What kinds of books do you like?” or “You said you like the spring season. Why do you like that season?”
Furthermore, here are a few questions you can ask her:
1. What do you do during your leisure time?
2. Who is your favorite movie star? Why?
3. Why do you like wearing yellow clothes?
4. When you grow up, what do you want to do for a living?
5. Where would you like to spend the next summer holidays?

3. Say Something That Is Relevant
Let the girl feel that there is a reason why you are texting her otherwise she may ignore your text. Therefore, talk about something that ties both of you together, such as something that you share in common or an event where both of you were present.
For example, if there is an upcoming speech and prize giving day, you might write, “Will you come to the upcoming Speech and Prize-giving event on Saturday alone? Would you mind going with me?” or “I saw you at the game between Accra Great Olympics and Kumasi Asante Kotoko. I never knew you liked soccer? How did you develop an interest in soccer? Who helped you to develop that interest?” or “It was great running into you at Yaa’s wedding. You looked absolutely incredible in that dress you wore. I would love to get one for my sister? Where did you buy it? Who designed it for you?”

4. Compliment Her
The girl is more likely to respond to your text if you compliment her on something specific which you honestly like about her. So, recall her physical features, her character, her behavior when she is in school, and pick three of her strongest points and use them to compliment her. This is the best way to start a text conversation with a girl you like!
For example, if you adore her for her beauty, her humility, her scintillating voice, honesty, the way she relates to people in your neighborhood, you may say, “Yaa, I think you are an adorable girl. I love the shape of your nose, the way you speak, and also the ways you speak in a humble tone when you are addressing elders. I have a lot to learn from you because I have struggles with trying to humble myself. Could you share with me how you manage to humble yourself?” When she sees that she can impart something into your life, that you are willing to learn something from her, she will feel that you are a humble guy and that may motivate her to reply to your message.

5. Talk About What She Likes
If you know her hobbies and passions, use them to create rapport. By doing this, you will make her more willing to open up to you.
So, for example, if you know she loves a popular Telenovella on TV, ask her what she thought about the way some of the characters in the TV show act, or what lessons she learnt after watching the last episode.
If she likes soccer, ask her about which country she thinks will win the upcoming world cup, which European soccer league she thinks is the best league in the world and so on.
By doing this, you will tell her that you are interested in the things she cares about and that you value her opinions and that can make her feel a bond between the two of you, which will increase the likelihood that she will want to be your friend.

6. Use Smileys
If you send only words, the words may not evoke memories of something funny you did when she was around you in the lab or something interesting you said when you were in class.
However, when the text message comes with a smiley, it may evoke admiration for something you did or said, something nice you may have done for her or her friend, and all these memories can generate pleasant sensations in her, which will make her more willing to respond to your message.
So, use this tool when you send her the text message. Add a smiley that shows a smiling face or a funny face so that the girl will get the signal that you are happy to connect with her because you think she is a great girl.

Things To Avoid
• Don’t harass her sexually. Don’t make sexual advances at her and don’t send nude pictures to her. Don’t forget that sending unsolicited nude pictures can get you into trouble—you can be arrested for distributing sexually explicit material, or for harassing her.
• Do not encourage her to send you nude pictures of herself. It can lead you to become addicted to watching nude pictures of girls and women and that can make you mess your life.
• Do not forward nude pictures that your friends send to you to her.
• Respect her and let her feel that you are an honorable guy who deserves respect.
• Do not gossip about other people to her.
• Do not just use this avenue as a way to get her into bed. Having casual sex can adversely affect your future relationships.

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How to Start a Conversation with a Woman

start a conversation with a woman
How to Start a Conversation with a Woman

It can be hard to start a conversation with a woman, especially when you are a shy guy, when you don’t know the woman, or when you like the women. That is why some guys ask, “How do you start a conversation with a woman?”

In this article, I want to show you how you can start a conversation with an attractive woman for the first time, or how you can start a conversation with any woman, whether it is an unknown woman, a black woman, a woman on the internet, a woman on a dating site, or a woman at the gym.

Let us look at what you should do.

1.    Make Sure You Approach the Woman at the Right Time

If you want to have a fruitful conversation with a woman you are interested in or to whom you are attracted, ensure that you approach her when she is in a relaxed state. Avoid making your move when she is busy doing something important or when she is preoccupied.

Study the situation around her and look at her body language. If you see that she looks relaxed and comfortable and there is no one around her, make your move. Take in a deep breathe, wish yourself luck, and advance towards her.

2.    Introduce Yourself

The most important thing you must do when you want to start a conversation with a woman is to smile as you approach her. Let her see that you are a warm, friendly guy whom she has nothing to fear from. Approaching her with a serious look may make her misjudge you and , consequently, she may not want to talk to you.

Look confident by standing straight. Moreover, look into her eyes as you approach her. You can then say something such as, “Good afternoon. I am Isaac Nunoofio. I have been seeing you around. There is something about you I like. I just don’t know what it is. But, I want to find out. I want to get to know you. May I know your name?” This is how to start a conversation with a woman you just met.

3.    Shake Her Hand

Try to get her to shake hands with you. A study has shown that shaking the hands of people can make you feel happy. When you shake her hand and feel happy, you will approach the conversation in a positive mood. Therefore, you are more likely to sound interesting and that will make the woman enjoy her time with you better.

4.     Talk About What is Happening Around You

Use what is happening where you are to start a conversation with a woman.

  • If you are indoors, you may comment about the way the room has been painted. You may say something such as, “I really like the color that was used to paint this room. You know, I love cream. It’s my favorite color. What is your favorite color?” Ask a question at the end of your comment so that you can draw the woman into the conversation.
  • You may choose to comment about the people you see in the room. You may say something such as, “The guys and gals here are nice people. That is why I always come to this shopping mall. The service here is incredible. I have seen you here a number of times. Tell me, why do you come here?”
  • If you are outdoors, you may choose to comment about the weather and life. You may say something such as, “Today is a beautiful day and I want to meet beautiful people. The sunshine reminds me that I should be grateful I am alive. Don’t you love the weather?”
  • If you are in public transport, a train, or in an aeroplane, you may say something such as, “I get so bored when I have to travel. I am always wrapped up in my thoughts. It can feel really lonely at times. Do you feel the same way when you are travelling?” This is how to have a conversation with a woman you just met.

5.    Compliment Her

One thing you can do to start a conversation with a woman is to compliment her. Many women like to be appreciated  and will respond with delight when you compliment them.

You may say something such as, “I think you are a great team player. Your colleagues in the office talk a  lot about you and I am honored to meet you,” or “That was a great speech. You were concise, articulate, and very professional. I could learn a few things from you. Tell me, how do you do it?”

When you compliment the woman, you may make her more willing to open up and talk to you. Therefore, try to see how much you can notice about a woman , and then use one of those observations to start a conversation with a woman.

6.    Ask Her a Question

Asking a woman a question is a great way to start a conversation with a woman. Start your questions using the words “Who?”, “What?”, “When?”, “Why?”, “Where?” and “How?” Questions which start with these words make the respondent give some detail when he is responding.

Therefore, the woman will carry on with the conversation. Furthermore, you will get information from which you can ask her further questions so that you can prolong the conversation.

Here are some questions to start a conversation with a woman.

  1. What do you think of your supervisor?
  2. Who is your favorite female work colleague? Why do you like her so much?
  3. When do you hope to get married?
  4. I see you wearing blue dresses most of the time. Why do you like the color blue?
  5. Where do you hope to be in 20 years’ time?
  6. How do you think your future will shape up at the office?


7.    Talk About Her Interests

One of the ways to start a conversation with a woman is to use her hobbies to your advantage. Therefore, before you approach the woman, find out about her interests, hobbies, and passions. Then, when you start conversing with her, shift the conversation in the direction of her interests. This is how to keep a conversation with a woman.

For example, if you find out that she loves talking about fashion, learn what you can about clothes. After your initial remarks, start talking about clothes. This will make her find the conversation more engaging and she will be more willing to participate in the conversation with more liveliness. This will make it easier for you to invite her to have another conversation with you at another time.

8.    Ask Her About Her Family

Let the woman feel that you care about her by asking her about her brothers, sisters, and parents. Ask her if they are doing well. Then, talk about your family and share something about yourself. This is how to have a conversation with a woman you like. This is how to open up a conversation with a woman.

However, do not give away everything about yourself. Just say enough just to arouse her curiosity so that she will be willing to have another conversation with you at another time to get to know you better.

9.    Ask the Woman About Her Job

Find out about the kind of job she does, her responsibilities at work, her relationship with her work colleagues, and the frustrations she goes through every day at work. Sympathize with her and share similar frustrations you also go through at your workplace. Showing such solidarity will help you to bond with her and it may motivate her to share more about her life with you for she will see you both face similar struggles. This is how to start and hold a conversation with a woman.

10.Tell Her an Interesting Story

Women like to hear stories and that is why they love watching soap operas. Telling the woman a story will help you to grab her attention from the start so that you can engage her and keep the conversation going. This is how to have a fun conversation with a woman.

You may choose to tell her about something that happened to you or a funny story about how a guy and a woman met for the first time or some silly thing a guy did when he met a woman for the first time. Make the story as funny as possible so that you can make her laugh. It will make the woman see that you are an interesting guy and she would love to converse with you. Furthermore, you may choose to tell her about a funny movie you watched with her.

11.    Comment About Current Events

One great way to start a conversation with a woman is to talk about issues that are trending in your town or country. It is likely she may also know about these events and that will make it easier for the two of you to contribute to the conversation.

11. Talk About Things You Love

At certain times in the conversation, shift the discussion to things you are passionate about. For example, if you love soccer, talk about your favorite soccer team or about your favorite soccer star. This will fire you up and make you look lively which will make you look exciting. You may then ask the woman if she likes your passion and tell her about it if she doesn’t.

12. Talk About How That Particular Day Has Gone So Far

You may start a conversation with a woman by making general comments about how your day has treated you so far. For example, you may say, “I woke up today hoping to have a great day. You know, Thursday is the day on which I was born and so I love Thursdays. However, the day has been terrible so far. My cat scratched me when I wanted to give it a hug. I kicked a stone when I came out of the house in the morning. And my boss has been so demanding today. What about you? How has your day gone so far?”

13. Build on What She Says

When the woman answers one question, ask her another question based on the answer she gives you. Keep doing this so that you can prolong the conversation. Concentrate on what she says to you and make comments related to what she shares with you. Sigh when you have to, laugh at the right time, grunt convivially, and give encouraging remark such as, “Really? I never knew that!” or “Amazing! You are really incredible!” This is how to prolong a conversation with a woman.

14. Stay Focused

Keep your mind on the conversation and try to be curious about her life. In subtle ways, try to find out about her personality, the kind of women she moves with, the kind of men she likes going out with, her visions and plans for her life, how she spends her annual leave and so on. This will give you information which you can use to start subsequent conversations with her.

15. Use Pauses

Talk for periods of time, then give her an opportunity to contribute to the conversation too. Then break for a few seconds so that you can think about follow up questions, or so that you can strategize as to the direction in which to take the conversation.

For example, if you have been talking about her hobbies for about 5 minutes, pause, decide to shift the conversation to your hobbies, think about what you want to say about your hobbies, and then re-start the conversation, this time talking about the things you love.

End the Conversation on a Good Note

Inform the woman that you enjoyed the time you spent talking to her and getting to know her. Hint that you would love to have subsequent conversations with her to see if she also feels the way you do. Ask for her number and promise to call. Then wish her a good day, smile at her, and leave.


To start a conversation with a woman, you must try to make the approach great. If you do that and entertain her well, you may have the opportunity to date her. When you see that she loves you, and you show her you love her, you can make her fall in love with you, and keep her forever.

















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How to Get a Girl to Fall in Love With You: 9 Cool Ways to Do It

How to Get a Girl to Fall in Love With You: Be a Real Man


Source: Gratisography


How can you get a girl to fall in love with you if you think she is a great girl, and you have admired her for a long time, and you are dying to have a relationship with her so that you can show her how much you love her? What are some of the smart things you can do to make this dream come true?

1.     Be a Teacher

If you want to get a girl to fall in love with you, you must demonstrate to her that you know a lot more about the world than she knows, and you must also let her know you are very knowledgeable about some of the things that interest women most, such as fashion, beauty, skin care, and the like. When you are able to let her know that you have an interest in these things, and you even give her tips on how to dress well, foods and the lifestyle you should live if you want to look beautiful, and she applies this knowledge and sees it is working, her admiration for you will soar, and her attraction for you will become stronger, and this attraction may eventually lead her to fall in love with you.

Therefore, decide to school yourself in fashion, beauty, skin care, the right perfumes that are suitable for different kinds of girls, makeup, good hair care etc. Read wide on these topics so that you can drop some of these tips when you are having conversations with her. When she sees your knowledge in these areas, she will die for more of your time, and as you spend more time together, love can develop.

How can you get a girl to fall in love with you? Become knowledgeable in the things that interest women.

2.     Learn How to Write Great Love Poems

One thing that girls love a lot is to hear love words that extol their virtues, and also to hear romantic words. These things touch their hearts and make them sentimental.

If you want to get a girl to fall in love with you, then learn how you can write customized love poems for her.

  • The Songs of Solomon, in the Bible, is a good place to start. Learn some of the techniques which Solomon, who was a great lover, used to get about one thousand women to fall in love with him.
  • Also, there are many websites that teach how to write good poems.
  • Just Google “How to write a romantic poem for a girl,” or “How to write a love poem for a girl you love.” Choose one or two of those websites and study how you can write a poem that is specifically targeted at the girl you are interested in. this means you will include her specific physical and character attributes in the poem.
  • On weekends, or on days when the two of you have some leisure time, and the moon is smiling down on the Earth, and there are millions of stars in the sky shining down on you, take her to a romantic spot, such as a lakeside, or a botanical garden, or a quiet forest, or the beach. Let her sit at your feet, and then read the poem you have written for her, to her. Make it personal by making sure her name appears in the poem. Smile into her face and read it in a mellow, romantic, smooth voice, whilst looking into her eyes.
  • This act of romance you show can work wonders on her emotions and make her see you are a very romantic guy, and that can cause her to fall in love with you because girls like guys who are very romantic.

So, if you want to get a girl to fall in love with you, learn the art of writing good love poems, and excite her heart to love by reading these poems to her once in a while.

3.     Learn to Sing

One thing you can do to get a girl to fall in love with you is to sing love ballads to her. When a girl hears you singing love words, in the form of a song, to her, it will stimulate romantic feelings in her, and she may fall in love with you because of that.

  • If you are worried about the fact that you do not have a good voice, you should not worry because you can improve your voice if you practice singing every day. Sing when you are going to the bathroom, when you are alone in your room, and when you are alone in the house.
  • You must also remind yourself that you do not necessarily have to sing like a professional musician before your singing can achieve the purpose for which you are singing. The important thing is to put together a group of words that will show that you can pass romantic energy on to a girl to influence her to think that you are a romantic guy, so that she will want to be with you often.
  • It will be to your advantage to also learn how to play the guitar, or how to play a piano, or keyboards, so that you can put together great love songs for her.
  • Then, find special times when you can be alone with her, and sing whilst you play the piano or guitar. She will be touched, and it may influence her to fall in love with you.
  • Organize a small party for her. Invite about five or ten of your close friends, and about ten of her close friends. Sing a song you have specially written for her. It will increase her affection for you because you think she is so special as to deserve a song written specially for her. She will fall in love with you because of this.

Singing to a girl is one way to get a girl to fall in love with you fast.

4.     Learn How to Cook

One thing that girls find very sexy is a guy who knows how to cook. It makes you look extraordinary and special, and girls like guys who are not like every other guy.

So, ask her about her favorite meals. Then, spend time to learn how to prepare those meals so that you can surprise her on a special occasion, such as her birthday, or a day when she achieves something great, such as academic success, or she gets a promotion at work. Invite her to your place and cook the meal for her. She will be so impressed, and her admiration for you will go high, and that can make her develop a strong affection for you.

Learning how to cook, and impressing the girl with your cooking skills, is one way to get a girl to fall in love with you.

5.     Try to Become Popular

Girls are attracted to guys who are popular, and who a lot of people talk about. Therefore, if you want to get a girl to fall in love with you, harness your potential, and sharpen your talents which can make you become popular:

  1. If you have good soccer skills, develop that talent by practicing constantly so that you can make it to the school team and represent your school.
  2. If you are good in acting, perfect your talent so that you can get roles for plays performed by the school drama group.
  3. If you know how to play a musical instrument, keep practicing at it so that you can join the school band.
  4. If you are good at designing clothes, or painting, or reading, whatever talent you have, aim for excellence. Excellence will open up opportunities to you, you will become famous, and that will attract many girls to you. You can then look for the a girl you feel attracted to from among the lot, and develop a relationship with her so that she can fall in love with you.
  5. If you are a worker, work hard so that you can earn a promotion, and when a girl sees that you are earning more money, she will be attracted to you, and fall in love with you.
  6. Strive for academic excellence, if you are in school, and that excellence will propel your name all around school, making you popular, which will make girls get attracted to you. You can then take advantage of their attraction to date one you like.

6.     Tell Her Romance Stories

One thing you can do to get a girl to fall in love with you is to tell her romance stories. Girls like to hear stories. When you are a guy and you can develop the skill of storytelling, especially telling a girl romance stories, you can get the girl to fall in love with you.

There is this female friend of mine who told me she was attracted to, and fell in love with her present boyfriend, because he was good at telling stories. And I am sure there are many girls like her who will develop affection for a guy when he can tell them good romance stories.

So, master the art of telling good stories. When you watch romance movies and you love them, or when you read romance novels and you love the stories, practice saying the story all over again to yourself, or to your siblings. Also, when you meet your male friends, repeat it to them. When you are eating as a family in the evening, say a summary of the story to the whole family. All these practices will help you to improve your storytelling skills.

Then, later, when you meet the girl, tell her some of these stories, or romance stories you create yourself. She will ask for more if you tell them well, and this can strengthen your friendship, and cause romantic feelings to grow between the two of you.

7.     Be a Real Man

A girl wants a guy who is a real guy, that is, a guy who is bold, confident, courageous, and someone she will be proud to go out with.

So, if you want to get a girl to fall in love with you, you must exhibit these qualities:

  1. You must treat girls with respect.
  2. You must be a helpful person.
  3. You must be a leader who takes the initiative to solve problems, and who shows courage in dangerous situations.
  4. You must have a vision and purpose for your life.

Exhibiting these qualities will make you attractive to a girl, and she will want so much to have a relationship with you.

So, if you want to get a girl to fall in love with you, be a man who exhibits the qualities enumerated above.

8.     Be Playful

One way to get a girl to fall in love with you is to exhibit a playful, childish character when you are around her. This will tell her that you are great fun to be with, and that she will have fun-filled days when she associates herself romantically with you. This could influence her to fall in love with you.

  • Therefore, try to shed a bit of your “I am a mature man,” or “I must be serious because I am old” attitude.
  • Relax and have fun.
  • Tickle her, tease her, get her to play soccer, or basketball, or dance with you. Become a child again, and you could get a girl to fall in love with you.

9.     Be Extremely Caring

One of the surest ways you can get a girl to fall in love with you is to exhibit a very caring nature which shows tenderness.

  • One way to do this is to write an article about the girl, in which you state how wonderful she is as a person.
  • Then, upload this article onto a free blogging site such as com or Blogger.com.
  • Post it together with a picture of the girl you are interested in.
  • Then, alert her to what you have done and let her read it.

When she thinks about the fact that she means so much to you, as to influence you to spend time, money, and energy to let the whole world  know about her great personality, she will see how you care about her, and she can develop affectionate feelings for you, and fall in love with you.


In addition to the tips mentioned above, if you want to get a girl to fall in love with you, approach her well, make her feel special, learn how to date her well, show her love,  and learn how you can make her attracted to you.

Was this article helpful? Let me know by leaving a comment. Thank you.

How to Make Your Girlfriend Love You Again: 7 Ways to Capture Her Heart Once More

How to Make Your Girlfriend Love You Again: Make Her Feel She Belongs to You


Source: Dreamstime


You may have had a fight with your girlfriend, or cheated on her, or broken up with her for another reason. This may have led her to lose her love for you. But you realize you are still in love with her and want her back. How can you make your girlfriend love you again and renew her relationship with you?

Below, I share with you things you need to do to make your girlfriend fall in love with you again.

1.     Consider How You Acted in the Past

If you want to make your girlfriend fall in love you again, take one whole day and ruminate on what caused you to behave the way you did, if you are responsible for the breakup, or what you could have done to act differently so that both of you would not have parted ways, if she was responsible for the separation.

  • Find a quiet spot or place, such as an empty school classroom, or your own room(if you will not be disturbed), or an isolated park, where you can really think without any distractions keeping you from considering all the important points you need to think about.
  • Sit with a pen and writing pad.
  • Try to remember the issues that caused your relationship to come to a halt. For example, if you remember that it was your cheating on your girlfriend which caused the relationship to breakup, note it as point 1 in your writing pad.
  • Write down how you, as a person, contributed to making the cheating happen. For example, if you cheated because you just felt like having fun with another girl, note it down. If you cheated because you saw this gorgeous girl who swept you off your feet, and who looked extremely alluring and tempting, and who gave you so much attention that you forgot about your girlfriend and succumbed to her temptation, write it down. Similarly, write down all the ways in which you contributed to making the breakup happen.
  • Write down what your girlfriend did which pushed you to do what you did. For example, if you cheated because she was nagging too much, or she was too demanding, or she was not giving you enough attention, write them down.
  • Think about, and write down, the ways in which you think you can deal with the things that caused you to do what made the breakup come about. For example if you cheated, you can write that you will be careful how you associate with other girls other than your girlfriend from now on, or you will make sure you communicate more effectively with your girlfriend, or you will learn to resolve issues better when conflicts come up so that you will not find comfort in another girl, or you resolve now to be determined to remain faithful to your girlfriend from now on.
  • Write down what you think your girlfriend should do so that you will be satisfied and comfortable in the relationship, so that you will never try to seek that comfort with another girl ever again.
  • Think about how the breakup has cost you, what it has done to you emotionally and psychologically, for example the minutes of love or companionship from your girlfriend which you have missed. Also, think about how the issue has affected your girlfriend, and the ways it has made her suffer. Let these thoughts make you feel sorry about what you did, and make the thoughts help you to resolve never to repeat the mistake again.
  • Identify how you can improve your character as a person, and what you can do to become a better lover. For example, if you identify that being inconsiderate was the reason why your girlfriend left, what do you think you can do to become more considerate of her? If you broke up with her because she was self-centered, what are the ways you can help her to become a more selfless girl?
  • Make three copies of what you wrote down, and keep one copy.
  • Work on your inner man and your attitude to life. There is no better book in the world to help you do this than the Bible. It is the roadmap for life and you will find a lot of useful advice in it which can help shape your spirit, and your soul, and this shaping will help you to relate to your girlfriend better. The books of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Songs of Solomon, and the Psalms hold nuggets of wisdom which can help you to shape up your life better. Read your Bible every day, and pray to God to make you a better person, and you will see a transformation in your life which will impact positively on your relationship.
  • Learn all about loving a woman again and be committed to applying the knowledge you pick up to make her feel truly loved in the future.

Looking to the past so that you can make changes to your attitude is the first step you must take when you want to make your girlfriend love you again.

2.      Let Her See What She Is Missing

If you want to make your girlfriend love you again, you need to add value to yourself so that she will see she is missing something, and that she is the one losing and not you, so that she will find you attractive again and want to be in a relationship with you again, and that may instigate her to love you again.

Therefore, if you are in school, endeavor to work very hard at your books so that you can better your grades and achieve academic excellence. When you get excellent grades, let everybody know about it, and make sure the news gets to her. If you are a worker, double your efforts at work so that you may be considered for promotion, or even be promoted.

Adding value to yourself can act as a pull factor to draw your girlfriend back to you because she will feel she is missing out on being with this great guy.

Make sure you look even more attractive by dressing even better now than when you were with her. Look even more confident, smile as you walk about, and let everyone around you see that you are at peace with yourself, and with the world.

When you meet her in public, smile into her face and greet her civilly. Ask her how she is faring, and tell her about how your life is prospering since you left her, or since she left you. This is one way to make your girlfriend fall back in love with you again.

3.     Make the Move

When you feel you are over what caused the breakup, and you think you have assessed yourself thoroughly and you want to go forward and reunite with her, then make efforts to contact your girlfriend.

  • You may decide to contact her yourself, if the nature off the breakup was not acrimonious.
  • You may use her close friends or her relatives to drop hints that you want to meet her and have an honest discussion with her.
  • Invite her over to your place for a drink, or to watch a movie together, if she will be willing to oblige you. As the man, you must take the initiative to solve relationship problems, and that is what you demonstrate when you invite her to your place, and not vice versa. It shows leadership, and will help you establish your authority over her again if the relationship works out again.
  • On the day you are going to have the discussion with her at your place, create a romantic atmosphere for both of you. This is very crucial if you want to make your girlfriend love you again. Play her favorite love songs in the room where you will hold the discussions, place a picture of both of you at an advantageous place where she will see it immediately she comes to the place. The music will touch her emotions and make her sentimental, whilst the picture will remind her of the wonderful times you had in the past, and these two things may bring back fresh, love memories into her mind. The memories may influence her and make her have fresh love feelings for you if, subsequently, you say the right things.

4.     Remind Her You Are Human

You have to use the argument of your humanness to make your girlfriend fall in love with you again. Take the opportunity of the meeting to remind her that you are only human, and so would make mistakes.

  • Apologize sincerely for your contribution to what led to her losing her love for you.
  • Tell her you have reflected deeply on what happened, and you have seen you erred greatly. Let her know because of your humanness, you succumbed to the weakness, but just as there are many humans who have messed up terribly in life and have bounced back, you also feel you will bounce back and love her even more than you used to love her if she will just give you another chance.
  • You can use the stories of Peter, or David, or the gentleman in Judges 19 in the Bible to support your case. Read how these two men messed up, and how they came back to redeem themselves, and use the lessons you learn from these two stories to convince her that it is possible for a person to mess up terribly, but to become even better than he was later, when he is forgiven and given a second chance.
  • Show what you have written down to her to make her know that you are serious about tackling your weaknesses and improving your attitude. Give her one copy of what you wrote down, and give her a third copy to be given to a person of her choice who will act as an “overseer” and see to it that you act by what you have written down. This can influence her and make her fall in love with you again because she will see you are bent on really loving her, and this may make her more willing to give you her heart again.
  • Show you have changed when you are having this discussion. If you used to speak to her in harsh tones, speak in a slow, measured way. If you were unromantic before, use romantic words as you speak to her. Call her “honey,” or “love,” or “sugar,” as you speak to her. You must say things, or do something whilst you are with her to make her see that you have changed. This will influence her to want to renew her feelings for you again. This can make your girlfriend love you again.

5.     Remind Her of Her Humanness

You can point out a woman’s faults to her and let her see that what happened to you can also happen to her, if you want to make your woman fall in love with you again.

  • Make your girlfriend remember that she has also done things to hurt you in the past. Remind her of specific things she did to hurt you when you were together. For example, if there was an occasion on which she neglected you, or if she insulted you once, or if she got angry because you were not in a position to buy her a smartphone in the past, remind her of how her reaction hurt you, and the way you decided to let go because you loved her and wanted the relationship to progress. And tell her that just as you forgave, she should find it in her heart to forgive you.
  • Point out the specific things she did to make you lose your love for her, that is her contribution to the breakup or fight. Let her see she also has to carry some of the blame. Then discuss what you can do to make compromises so that you can renew your love again.
  • Give her a copy of what you wrote down as evidence that you will do things differently now.

6.     Tell Her the Rewards You Will Give Her

  • If you want to make a girl love you more again, then tell her you are still capable of loving her, and you want to show her even greater love. Assure her of your love for her. Give her evidence by showing her all the information on loving a woman again which you have gathered. This will tell her that you mean business, and it may influence her to throw down the wall which she may have built in her heart, and give you full access to her heart again.
  • Tell her the kind of love you will use to love her this time, which will be consistent, stable, undying, everlasting love.
  • When you renew your relationship, do even more than you told her you would do. Shower so much love on her that she will even beg you to reduce the amount of love you are giving her! It will make your girlfriend fall madly in love with you again.

7.     Make Her Feel She Belongs to a Relationship With You

If you want to make a girl fall in love with you again, you must make her see that you were a great couple, and she can become an important part of your life again and make you a better person if she comes back.

  • Let her know how she impacted on your life, and how important she is to you. For example, you can say something like, “I had low self-esteem until I met you and you made me feel I was the greatest guy in the whole world,” or “I never knew love until you taught me how to love.” This will make her know she is important to you, and it will make her feel she has an unfinished job to do, which is to love you and help make you a better person. It may influence her to love you again.
  • Let her know you need her presence, and make her feel she’s needed by your side. You can say something such as, “I really miss you, Ama. A hole has been created in my heart since you left. I remember the delicious recipes you used to prepare for me? I remember the words of love you used to share with me. We were so good together. Hmmm! Ama, I need you. I want you back in my life. Please consider giving your heart to me again.”


If you want to make your girlfriend love you again, do the things mentioned above in addition to making your girlfriend feel very important, showing her you care, making sure you keep things exciting in the relationship, and trying to get her to refresh her feelings for you, and you will keep her forever.

How did you make your girlfriend love you again? What was the magic formula you used? Let the world know by leaving a comment. Thank you.

How to Make Your Girlfriend Love You: 5 Smart Ways to Achieve It

How to Make Your Girlfriend Love You:Learn How to Maintain Peace


Source: Pixabay


How can you make your girlfriend love you so that your relationship will get stronger and better? What are some of the things you can do to make your girlfriend love you forever?

Below, I show you how to make your girlfriend love you so that you can enjoy her companionship better.

1.     Learn How to Maintain Peace

One of the biggest sources of stress in romantic relationships has to do with lack of peace in the relationship. Getting along well with your girlfriend, who was brought up in a different home under different circumstances, requires effort on your part, especially when she does things to irritate you.

When you are at peace with yourself, you do not become restless and frightened for your relationship, and you are better able to treat your girlfriend right. When you treat her right, there is a greater chance she will love you.

If you want to make your girlfriend love you, you must learn how to live at peace with yourself, and with her. This will ensure that the right atmosphere is created between the two of you for the love you have for each other to flourish.

If you do not maintain the peace in the relationship, and you are always finding fault with what she does, or you look down on her, or you allow jealous feelings to invade your heart when you see she is friendly with other guys, or you are abusive, or you are unfaithful, or you are self-centered, then she cannot feel motivated to love you.

What are some of the things you can do to live at peace with your girlfriend, create harmony in the relationship, and strengthen your love bond?

  1. Make up your mind that you are going to cultivate a humble spirit, and maintain a humble attitude even if your girlfriend decides to be beastly, cantankerous, and mean.
  2. Try to see your spouse’s point of view when you have disagreements. Do not expect your girlfriend to be your carbon copy. Do not expect her to behave just like you do. Recognize that the way she thinks may be different from the way you think. Her likes may be different from your likes. For example, she may like her food bland, whilst you may like your food spicy. In such a situation, you can make peace when you decide to compromise so that each will learn how to adopt to the taste of the other, or you may decide to eat what you like, and allow your girlfriend to also eat what she wants. To make peace, you have to understand each other.
  3. Be careful the way you use your tongue. Gossiping about your girlfriend to your friends, slandering her, and exaggerating things and blowing them out of proportion (the minor irritations that occur in the relationship) are all things that can destroy peace in the relationship.
  4. Learn how to communicate charitably. Do not lose your temper, raise your voice, or bang doors when you are angry with your girlfriend. Try to control yourself. Honestly try to approach your girlfriend and make efforts to become reconciled. You can say something such as, “We need to resolve our issues. I think we messed up, darling, and we must clean up the mess by discussing this issue,” instead of saying, “I am very upset with you. It is all your fault. If you had listened to me, all this would not have come up.” Using “we” instead of “you” or “I” shows you feel you are also a part of the problem, and prevents shifting all the blame onto your girlfriend. When you shift the blame onto her, she will be forced to become defensive, and that may mean she may attack you to defend her integrity.


2.     Learn How to Be Patient

You must learn to develop the quality of self-restraint which does not quickly retaliate even when the provocation is of a magnitude that is difficult to take, if you want to make your girlfriend love you even more.

When you are patient, it will prevent fights, and so your girlfriend’s emotions will not be ruffled, and this will make her continue to love you.

You must therefore develop the ability to absorb irritating things, such as your girlfriend nagging often, without becoming emotionally and psychologically paralyzed(to refuse to do things you must do just because your girlfriend has hurt your feelings, such as spending time with her, or showing her affection).

  • Try to control your temper. Anger has destroyed many relationships, and caused regret in a lot of relationships.
  • See patience as postponing your anger to a later date, or indefinitely.
  • Say something such as, “I will get angry tomorrow,” or “I will get angry next week,” when you are very angry that. Keep postponing your anger every time and with time you will realize that you are better able to control your temper, and your anger. After all what would it cost you if you decide to postpone your anger for a day, a week, a month, or indefinitely? You will lose absolutely nothing because anger is not an asset!

    3. Show You Love Her

If you want to make your girlfriend love you like crazy, then you need to show her that you really love you.

One way you can show you love her is to practice constant forgiveness towards her. As the Bible says in Matthew 6 : 12, “Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.”  You have sinned against God many times, and God has forgiven you a lot of times. Therefore, He requires that you should also learn to forgive any person who wrongs you, including your girlfriend.

Forgiving your girlfriend when she wrongs you can be hard at times because as humans, we have our egos hurt when we suffer at the hands of our loved ones, and that makes us want to pay back.

If you carry an unforgiving heart, you are more likely to pick up quarrels with your girlfriend because you will make a big issue out of every little thing. This is bound to disturb your girlfriend emotionally, to cause her psychological trauma, and it may make her love for you wane.

How can you practice constant forgiveness towards your girlfriend so that you can make her love you?

  • You must learn to understand her. There is always a reason why a person does something. If she becomes cross-tempered, maybe she is having her menses and is disturbed emotionally and psychologically. If she treats you with suspicion and picks up quarrels with you often, maybe she misunderstands your motives, or she has been misunderstood about something you said or did. Maybe she is the victim of her environment or her own heredity—She was brought up in a home where her mother was always quarrelling with her father. Maybe her temperament is such that life is difficult, and human relations is a problem for her—She may be a choleric or sanguine extroverted person. When you understand her better, forgiving her would be easier for you. So, remember her past. Let it inform you and make you calm down when you are upset with her.
  • You must learn to forget. So long as you remember what she does to you, and allow the wrong things she does or says to you to remain strongly in your mind, and brood upon the slights and injuries she causes you, the likelihood that you will forgive her and let it go is drastically reduced. You may say, “I can’t forget what Yaa did to me,” or “I will never forget how Ama treated me in Lovers Restaurant!” These kinds of sayings are very dangerous, because they can make it extremely difficult, or maybe humanly impossible, for you to forget. When you say things like these, it can make you print the memory of what your girlfriend did to you indelibly on your mind. To forgive is the sign of a great lover, and to forget is sublime. Therefore, try to think about her positive sides, the good things she has done for you in the past, when you are tempted to remind yourself of the bad things she has done to you.
  • You must pray. Nothing but the cleansing spirit of Jesus can take the memories of the bad things your girlfriend does to you out of your mind, and remove the bitterness from your heart. Therefore, pray to God to help you forgive your girlfriend. You can pray something like, “Dear God, Yaa has done something to hurt me deeply. She called me a toad when we were quarrelling. This remark hurt me a lot. I want to forgive her, but I find it difficult to do so. I keep remembering that remark every time I see her big head, and it always gives me bitter feelings. Please help me to forget that remark.” If you are sincere, God will help you to let go of the hurt, and He will erase the memory from your mind. It is true that even if you forgive and forget those memories will come to your mind sometimes, but it will not have a hold over you, and cause you to be bitter towards her.

Showing love to her is one way to make your girlfriend love you.

4. Make Her Feel Special

One way you can make your girlfriend love you is to make her feel special.

  • Upload her picture onto Facebook and write fifty things you feel are great about her, and fifty ways in which you think she is special. Share this post with your friends, and the public, and tag her. When she sees the post, it will make her know you value her as a person by virtue of the fact that you are extolling her qualities in front of the whole world. She will appreciate it, and she will appreciate you more and fall in love with you even more.
  • Say romantic things to her. You can say something like, “My love for you is the air I breath, darling, and I know there will never be an end to this air, “ or “Some get addicted to alcohol. Some get addicted to drugs. Some get addicted to sleazy material, but I am addicted to the most pleasurable thing in the world, which is you, my sweetheart,” or “Your love is more precious to me than the most expensive gold or diamond in this world.” Come up with more of such romantic words. Use your creativity and say words that will make her feel she is the best girlfriend in the world.

    5. Give Love

The Bible says in Luke 6:38 that, “Give, and it will be given to you; good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For the measure you give will be the measure you get back.”

You must give if you want to receive. When you give love to your girlfriend, you will receive love from her. The more you love her, the more she will also love you.

Therefore, if you want to make your girlfriend love you, you must love her and show that you are a considerate, caring, loyal, compassionate, and an adoring and empathetic boyfriend who feels she is one of the best things to happen to this world, and one of the best things to happen to your life. This will encourage her to reciprocate your love, and she will also treat you like you are the most wonderful boyfriend in the world.



If you will diligently do these things, and also date her often, and keep her happy, you can make your girlfriend love you, and you will be able to keep her  forever.



What are some of the things you do to make your girlfriend love you? Please share them with the world by leaving a comment. Thank you.