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How to Start a Conversation with a Woman

start a conversation with a woman
How to Start a Conversation with a Woman

It can be hard to start a conversation with a woman, especially when you are a shy guy, when you don’t know the woman, or when you like the women. That is why some guys ask, “How do you start a conversation with a woman?”

In this article, I want to show you how you can start a conversation with an attractive woman for the first time, or how you can start a conversation with any woman, whether it is an unknown woman, a black woman, a woman on the internet, a woman on a dating site, or a woman at the gym.

Let us look at what you should do.

1.    Make Sure You Approach the Woman at the Right Time

If you want to have a fruitful conversation with a woman you are interested in or to whom you are attracted, ensure that you approach her when she is in a relaxed state. Avoid making your move when she is busy doing something important or when she is preoccupied.

Study the situation around her and look at her body language. If you see that she looks relaxed and comfortable and there is no one around her, make your move. Take in a deep breathe, wish yourself luck, and advance towards her.

2.    Introduce Yourself

The most important thing you must do when you want to start a conversation with a woman is to smile as you approach her. Let her see that you are a warm, friendly guy whom she has nothing to fear from. Approaching her with a serious look may make her misjudge you and , consequently, she may not want to talk to you.

Look confident by standing straight. Moreover, look into her eyes as you approach her. You can then say something such as, “Good afternoon. I am Isaac Nunoofio. I have been seeing you around. There is something about you I like. I just don’t know what it is. But, I want to find out. I want to get to know you. May I know your name?” This is how to start a conversation with a woman you just met.

3.    Shake Her Hand

Try to get her to shake hands with you. A study has shown that shaking the hands of people can make you feel happy. When you shake her hand and feel happy, you will approach the conversation in a positive mood. Therefore, you are more likely to sound interesting and that will make the woman enjoy her time with you better.

4.     Talk About What is Happening Around You

Use what is happening where you are to start a conversation with a woman.

  • If you are indoors, you may comment about the way the room has been painted. You may say something such as, “I really like the color that was used to paint this room. You know, I love cream. It’s my favorite color. What is your favorite color?” Ask a question at the end of your comment so that you can draw the woman into the conversation.
  • You may choose to comment about the people you see in the room. You may say something such as, “The guys and gals here are nice people. That is why I always come to this shopping mall. The service here is incredible. I have seen you here a number of times. Tell me, why do you come here?”
  • If you are outdoors, you may choose to comment about the weather and life. You may say something such as, “Today is a beautiful day and I want to meet beautiful people. The sunshine reminds me that I should be grateful I am alive. Don’t you love the weather?”
  • If you are in public transport, a train, or in an aeroplane, you may say something such as, “I get so bored when I have to travel. I am always wrapped up in my thoughts. It can feel really lonely at times. Do you feel the same way when you are travelling?” This is how to have a conversation with a woman you just met.

5.    Compliment Her

One thing you can do to start a conversation with a woman is to compliment her. Many women like to be appreciated  and will respond with delight when you compliment them.

You may say something such as, “I think you are a great team player. Your colleagues in the office talk a  lot about you and I am honored to meet you,” or “That was a great speech. You were concise, articulate, and very professional. I could learn a few things from you. Tell me, how do you do it?”

When you compliment the woman, you may make her more willing to open up and talk to you. Therefore, try to see how much you can notice about a woman , and then use one of those observations to start a conversation with a woman.

6.    Ask Her a Question

Asking a woman a question is a great way to start a conversation with a woman. Start your questions using the words “Who?”, “What?”, “When?”, “Why?”, “Where?” and “How?” Questions which start with these words make the respondent give some detail when he is responding.

Therefore, the woman will carry on with the conversation. Furthermore, you will get information from which you can ask her further questions so that you can prolong the conversation.

Here are some questions to start a conversation with a woman.

  1. What do you think of your supervisor?
  2. Who is your favorite female work colleague? Why do you like her so much?
  3. When do you hope to get married?
  4. I see you wearing blue dresses most of the time. Why do you like the color blue?
  5. Where do you hope to be in 20 years’ time?
  6. How do you think your future will shape up at the office?


7.    Talk About Her Interests

One of the ways to start a conversation with a woman is to use her hobbies to your advantage. Therefore, before you approach the woman, find out about her interests, hobbies, and passions. Then, when you start conversing with her, shift the conversation in the direction of her interests. This is how to keep a conversation with a woman.

For example, if you find out that she loves talking about fashion, learn what you can about clothes. After your initial remarks, start talking about clothes. This will make her find the conversation more engaging and she will be more willing to participate in the conversation with more liveliness. This will make it easier for you to invite her to have another conversation with you at another time.

8.    Ask Her About Her Family

Let the woman feel that you care about her by asking her about her brothers, sisters, and parents. Ask her if they are doing well. Then, talk about your family and share something about yourself. This is how to have a conversation with a woman you like. This is how to open up a conversation with a woman.

However, do not give away everything about yourself. Just say enough just to arouse her curiosity so that she will be willing to have another conversation with you at another time to get to know you better.

9.    Ask the Woman About Her Job

Find out about the kind of job she does, her responsibilities at work, her relationship with her work colleagues, and the frustrations she goes through every day at work. Sympathize with her and share similar frustrations you also go through at your workplace. Showing such solidarity will help you to bond with her and it may motivate her to share more about her life with you for she will see you both face similar struggles. This is how to start and hold a conversation with a woman.

10.Tell Her an Interesting Story

Women like to hear stories and that is why they love watching soap operas. Telling the woman a story will help you to grab her attention from the start so that you can engage her and keep the conversation going. This is how to have a fun conversation with a woman.

You may choose to tell her about something that happened to you or a funny story about how a guy and a woman met for the first time or some silly thing a guy did when he met a woman for the first time. Make the story as funny as possible so that you can make her laugh. It will make the woman see that you are an interesting guy and she would love to converse with you. Furthermore, you may choose to tell her about a funny movie you watched with her.

11.    Comment About Current Events

One great way to start a conversation with a woman is to talk about issues that are trending in your town or country. It is likely she may also know about these events and that will make it easier for the two of you to contribute to the conversation.

11. Talk About Things You Love

At certain times in the conversation, shift the discussion to things you are passionate about. For example, if you love soccer, talk about your favorite soccer team or about your favorite soccer star. This will fire you up and make you look lively which will make you look exciting. You may then ask the woman if she likes your passion and tell her about it if she doesn’t.

12. Talk About How That Particular Day Has Gone So Far

You may start a conversation with a woman by making general comments about how your day has treated you so far. For example, you may say, “I woke up today hoping to have a great day. You know, Thursday is the day on which I was born and so I love Thursdays. However, the day has been terrible so far. My cat scratched me when I wanted to give it a hug. I kicked a stone when I came out of the house in the morning. And my boss has been so demanding today. What about you? How has your day gone so far?”

13. Build on What She Says

When the woman answers one question, ask her another question based on the answer she gives you. Keep doing this so that you can prolong the conversation. Concentrate on what she says to you and make comments related to what she shares with you. Sigh when you have to, laugh at the right time, grunt convivially, and give encouraging remark such as, “Really? I never knew that!” or “Amazing! You are really incredible!” This is how to prolong a conversation with a woman.

14. Stay Focused

Keep your mind on the conversation and try to be curious about her life. In subtle ways, try to find out about her personality, the kind of women she moves with, the kind of men she likes going out with, her visions and plans for her life, how she spends her annual leave and so on. This will give you information which you can use to start subsequent conversations with her.

15. Use Pauses

Talk for periods of time, then give her an opportunity to contribute to the conversation too. Then break for a few seconds so that you can think about follow up questions, or so that you can strategize as to the direction in which to take the conversation.

For example, if you have been talking about her hobbies for about 5 minutes, pause, decide to shift the conversation to your hobbies, think about what you want to say about your hobbies, and then re-start the conversation, this time talking about the things you love.

End the Conversation on a Good Note

Inform the woman that you enjoyed the time you spent talking to her and getting to know her. Hint that you would love to have subsequent conversations with her to see if she also feels the way you do. Ask for her number and promise to call. Then wish her a good day, smile at her, and leave.


To start a conversation with a woman, you must try to make the approach great. If you do that and entertain her well, you may have the opportunity to date her. When you see that she loves you, and you show her you love her, you can make her fall in love with you, and keep her forever.

















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How to Get a Girlfriend at School: 13 Incredibly Smart Ways to Do It

How to Get a Girlfriend at School: Be Bold and You Will Get a Beautiful Girl for a Relationship


Source: Pixabay

How can you get a girlfriend if you are in senior high school, or you have moved to a new school and are thinking of having a relationship with some of the girls there?

I want to share with you how you can get a girlfriend at school.

So, how do you get a girlfriend at school?

1.     Know What You Want

If you want to get a girlfriend at school, you must first of all sit down and make up your mind as to the kind of girl you want to be your girlfriend. Do you want a decent , religious girl to be your girlfriend? Do you want a girl who loves having fun and partying? Do you want a girl who will be loyal to you always?

You must be clear in your mind as to who you want to go out with. This will prevent you from just taking any girl who comes your way because you are desperate to show you have a girlfriend to your male friends, or because you do not want to be the odd one out in school.

Planning before you make the move helps if you want to get a girlfriend at school.

2.     Seek guidance

There are people in life who have been through what you are going through, and who can give you valuable advice so that you will not make mistakes you will regret later. Some of those people are your elder brothers, your parents, and older relatives.

Talk to some of them about your desire to make a girlfriend  in school. Ask them how you can tell which girl is right girl for you, and how you can approach a girl you are interested in , and what girls expect of a boyfriend. This will guide you to make a wise choice, and it will also give you information which will help your relationship to succeed.

Involving older, more experienced people will also help you later when you are able to get a girlfriend; you can fall on them to help you solve conflicts which will come up in the relationship.

3.     Be Bold

You need to believe in yourself before you can approach to a girl you like or are interested in. This is how to get a girlfriend from school.

Say something like this to yourself: “I am bold. I am confident I can win this girl. The other guys with girlfriends are not better than me in any way. I can also win any girl I want to date.” This will put you in the right frame of mind and make you feel you can win a girl and make her your girlfriend, and it will help you to get a girlfriend easily in school.

Also, banish thoughts of being rejected from your mind. Such negative thoughts will make it difficult for you to approach a girl, even when there are clear sign that she likes you and wants you to come forward. Positive thoughts about yourself will help you to get a girlfriend in high school fast.

4.     Avoid Bad Habits

If you want to get a girlfriend in high school for real, you must stay clear of habits which will give you a bad reputation. Most girls like to be seen going out with guys who are well respected on campus, guys who look decent, and who many people say nice things about. It makes them too feel good about themselves because some of the nice things said about such guys rubs off on them when they date such guys. This is how to get a girlfriend in school.

Generally, girls do not like to date guys who are generally hated on campus.

Therefore, try to be a good guy by avoiding the things that harm many young guys and destroy their reputation, such as drinking, smoking, insulting other people, and being disrespectful. When you do these things and develop a bad reputation, you will be shunned by girls.

5.     Make Friends With Lots of Girls

Some guys narrow their search to just a few girls in their class and do not look beyond the horizon to consider other girls in other classes. This is dangerous because you may have to face stiff competition from other guys in your class who may also be interested in those same girls.

Therefore, broaden your horizon, if you want to get a girlfriend in school. Try to also make friends with other girls in other classes. This will require you to be sociable, and to manage yourself properly so that you can have free time to go to different classes and try to engage in conversations with girls in other classes, or who may be pursuing other courses. This is how to find a girlfriend in school.

You must do this day after day if you want it to succeed. It is possible a few tries may not help you to establish any rapport with a girl. Consistency and perseverance will help you in the long run to establish a friendship with a particular girl who will tickle your fancy, and then you can develop a more stable relationship with her.

6.     Improve Your Academic Performance

Girls like guys who are popular in school because they are doing well academically and everybody is talking about them and admiring them. They also want to be associated with that success and so try to get close to such guys.

Therefore if you want to have a girlfriend in school, spend extra hours to study your notes so that you can improve your academic performance. If you are having problems with any courses, make friends with the guys or girls who are good in those courses, and let them help you. Solve a lot of past questions, become friends with your teachers so that they can help you, and seek the help of your relatives who have also done those same courses before.

A few girls will be attracted by your good academic grades and want to make friends with you. You can take advantage of that to get to know them better, and date the one you think you are attracted to most.

7.     Help Her Learn

If you identify girls you feel attracted to in school who are weak academically, help them to better their grades.

  • Take the initiative and make the approach if you really desire to have a relationship with her.
  • You can say something like, “Yaa, you know what, I know you have been having problems in Mathematics. I want to help you. I have a good understanding of the subject. I don’t know if it is okay with you, but I am prepared to sacrifice a bit of my time to help you. Which topics do you find difficult to master?”
  • This will help you start a conversation with her. You can then schedule a time for her, let’s say two hours on Saturday’s at your place, or at her place.
  • Take advantage of the time you spend with her to get to know more about her, and then when you have established a strong friendship, ask her to go out on a date with you.
  • Do not rush to tell her you want to date her otherwise she will feel you just want to help her because you want to take advantage of her. Let her see you care about her doing well in class first. It will tell her you really care about her, and will make her more willing to go out with you if you ask later.
  • Also spending time with her may even make her develop feelings for you and you never know, she may even ask to become your girlfriend.

8.     Stand for Leadership Positions

Girls like to be associated with guys with power and authority. Therefore, try to assume a leadership position in school which will give you authority and some amount of power, if you want to get a girlfriend at school. For example, when nominations for Class Prefect, or Compound Prefect, or any post comes up for grabs, contest. A lot more girls who do not know you will get to see you and some of them will feel attracted to you, and want to be your friend.

During your campaigns too, you will have to convince girls to vote for you. This will increase your contact with different girls, you will meet girls you may never have met in the school before, and it will open up new romantic possibilities to you because you will see girls you will feel attracted to, and you can make friends with them and date one later.

9.     Respect Girls

Some guys treat girls that come across their way with indignity and yet expect some girl to admire them and date them, or fall in love with them.

If you want to get a girlfriend at school, treat all the girls you meet in school with respect. Be polite to them, see them as human beings also created by the same God who created you, and compliment girls when you come across them on campus. This will give you a reputation among the girls as someone who will be nice to be with, and it will make you more attractive to some of the girls, making it easier for you to be able to approach a girl to propose, or for a girl to approach you for a friendship. This is how to make a girlfriend in school!

10.  Be Neat

Girls like to be neat always, and are attracted to guys who look neat, decent, and appealing because of the way they dress and look.

  • So, make sure your hair and nail s are always in top shape and look attractive.
  • Ensure your clothes look decent and fresh at all times.
  • Make sure you take proper care of your books, and keep them in great condition always. Your exercise books, and your textbooks must always look neat and clean, with no torn pages. Wash your hands before touching them so that you can keep them in a neat and clean condition always. If your books look dirty, it will convey the impression that you are a dirty guy, and most girls will not like to date you.
  • Wash your school bag regularly so that it will speak well of you and tell girls you are a neat guy.

Make it your aim therefore to look neat always if you want to get  a girlfriend at school.

11. Be Yourself

Most girls hate a guy who is a pretender, a guy who tries to imitate someone else, or who always wants to live in the shadow of other people. It makes you look spineless and fake, and tells the girl that you have no confidence in yourself.

Therefore if you want to get a girlfriend at school:

  1. Accept yourself the way you are.
  2. Believe in your abilities and talents.
  3. Think of yourself as being as good as the other guy. It will make you more attractive to girls, and increase your chances of getting a girl to date.

12. Be Humble

One thing girls hate most is a guy who thinks he is better than them. It tends to make them feel you will not respect them when they go out with you, and it will make it hard for you to get a girlfriend if you act this way.

Therefore, try to be humble, focused, and level-headed always, if your desire is to get a girlfriend at school. Be the kind of guy who accepts his faults when he does wrong, who sees himself as just another human being like everyone else, and who treats the people around him as people who deserve to be honored.

13. Don’t Be a Womanizer

If you have a reputation for being a guy who makes friends with girls, then use them and dump them without making any commitment, you will make it difficult for any girl to want to be your long-term girlfriend.

Therefore, if you want to get a girlfriend in school, learn to stick to a girl, and to maintain a relationship.

You can learn to have stable relationship by:

  • Understanding that conflicts are part of relationships. The fact that a conflict arises does not mean break up and find another girl.
  • Try to discuss conflicts and find solutions to them.
  • Treat girls the way you want to be treated by them.
  • Make up your mind to stick to a girl, and not to consider other girls.
  • Avoid situations that will make it easy for you to be unfaithful to your girlfriend.


In the process of trying to get a girlfriend at school, when you meet a girl you like, try to approach her the proper way, and you can make her fall in love with you and become your girlfriend. Then your job will be to make her happy. If you are able to do this, you can enjoy your relationship for a very long time.


How did you get your girlfriend? Was it easy or difficult? Tell me about it by leaving a comment. Thank you.

How to Attract Girl: 11 Incredible Ways to Make Her Your Girl

How to Attract a Girl: Look Attractive and She Will Love You


Source: Dreamstime


How can you attract a girl towards you for love so that you can date her and make her your girlfriend? In this article, I want to give you tips of  how to attract a girl.

So, what are some of the things you can do?

1. Look Attractive

Studies have shown that guys with broad shoulders look attractive to girls.

If you are in a condition to exercise, then there are certain exercises which you can do to help you to develop broad shoulders so that  you will be attractive to a girl. Here are a few of them:

Exercise 1

Stand in a doorway, midway between the two door jambs. Place one hand against each jamb, about shoulder high. Push hard against both jambs

Exercise 2

Whilst standing, extend both arms forward and clasp your hands together. Press hard, both hands trying to push each other “away,” with as much force as possible.

Exercise 3

For this exercise you need dumbbells.

  1. Begin the exercise with a 10 pound dumbbell in each hand, weights held at shoulder level. Your feet should be about 12 inches apart and your body comfortably well balanced.
  2. Raise one dumbbell overhead, breathing in as the weight is pressed up.
  3. Lower the dumbbell back to your shoulder , breathing out as you return the weight to the starting position.
  4. Repeat the exercise 10 times with your other arm.
  5. You can also decide to perform the exercise with two dumbbells raised simultaneously.

These exercises will put you in great shape and make you look sexy and appealing to the girl, and help you to attract a girl. This is how to attract a girl by looks!

2. Look Bold

Walk about with your chest pulled out, with a straight back, and with your head looking up. This will tell everybody, including the girl you like and want to attract, that you are sure of yourself, and that you have the courage to face the challenges you will meet in this life. A guy walking about like that looks attractive. It is one way to attract a girl without talking.

Walking in this manner also  tells a girl that you can protect her when she needs protection, and it can influence her to be attracted to you.

3. Have the Right Perspective

You cannot treat something with care if you do not value it. In the same way, you cannot treat  girls with care and make them feel good if you do not value them.

Some guys see girls as objects to be used to fulfill sexual desires, and then to be dumped after you have used them for your pleasure.

If you want to be able to attract a girl for love, then you must value girls. When you value girls, you see a relationship with a girl as a privilege that must not be exploited negatively, but as a relationship that must be well cherished and nurtured with extreme care and love. Such a mentality will make you want to treat any girl you are attracted to with love.

Treat the girls in your class and your female friends with dignity.

When the girl you are interested in and want to attract sees that you treat all girls well, she will feel comfortable with your attitude and want to date you.

On the other hand when she sees, or gets to know that you do not value girls, she will feel she will also get this same kind of treatment when she dates you, and she will not be attracted to you

4. Treat Your Female Relatives Well

If you have a sister, treat her with delicate care and let the girl see that you love her very much. Hug her in public, hold hands with her, kiss her on her cheek, tell her you love her to show to the girl the kind of affection she is missing by not being in a relationship with you, and to show her the kind of love you will show to her if she decides to become your girlfriend.

If you do not have a sister, show this affection to your female cousins or nieces.

This action will make you attract a girl mentally. She will start to think about the way you treat your female relatives, and think that you are a wonderful guy. She will want to know you more, and she may strike up a friendship with you so that she can get to know you better.

5. Be Charming

Be nice to her and make her feel that you are a nice guy to have around as a friend. Use “Please”  a lot when you are conversing with her. For example “Please give me that pen,” or “Please help me with this Science problem.” This will tell her that you are a polite guy. Girls like to go out with polite guys who act like gentlemen, and who treat girls with respect.

Say nice things to her regularly about her hairstyle, her dress, her shoes, her figure, or some other part of her body which you think is beautiful, and she will adore you for it. Girls like to hear sweet things said to them, and when you can muster the courage to say nice things to her regularly, she will be attracted to you and like you because you think she is a beautiful and great girl. This is a way to attract a girl romantically using words.

Also, share things with her. When you buy an ice cream and she is around, buy one for her. When you are going to grab a bottle of Coke and meat pie for lunch, buy  some for her. You do not need to do this every day, but once in a while let her see that you are not a selfish guy but an altruistic guy who likes to share, even if you  only have a little to share.

Compliment Yourself  Too

You cannot give what you do not have. You cannot think she is a nice girl if you do not think you are a great guy. So first of all, compliment yourself. When you put on clothes and you think you look great in them, say to yourself, “Johnny Wascaracha, you look great in your pants and shirt today!” or you can say, “Johnny Wascaracha your haircut is superb!” when you have a new haircut. With time, this will become your second nature, so it will not be difficult for you to say it to a girl to make her feel attracted to you.

6. Understand Girls

Some guys look down on girls and treat them as inferior beings who do not deserve to be given any kind of respect by a guy because they feel guys are superior to girls.

If you want to attract a girl, you should not have this mentality, and you should not display open disrespect for girls. It will only make you unattractive to girls, and no girl will want to date you.

Girls like talking a lot. Sometimes when they talk they don’t want you to say anything, but just to listen. You must know this so that you will not try to give her solutions to problems every time she comes complaining to you about one thing or another.  Understanding a girl and responding appropriately to her changing moods will please her , and she will grow to like you more.

You must also understand that girls can become complex at certain times of the month; sometimes they become easily irritated, moody, or can seem unfriendly. Understanding this and being patient, even if she behaves strangely, will make you “score more points in her eyes,” and make her like you even better because she will see you as a  caring guy.

7.  Respect Her

Don’t treat her ideas as if you think she has no brain in her cranial space. Give her some credit which will show that you know she is also an intelligent human being created by God. Respect her ideas and opinions concerning issues you will discuss.

She is more likely to like you if you value her thoughts on issues.

Do not brush aside her views and comments, treat them with disdain, and say things like “What do women know?” or “Girls are too emotional. You think too little, and react to everything with your heart.” She is bound to be hurt when she knows this is how you feel about the members of her gender. She will dislike you and find you repulsive, and there is no way you will get her to date her.

8. Show That You Are a Great Guy

Girls are attracted to famous guys, and to guys who do great deeds. If you want to attract a  girl you love, show that you are a great guy and do something great!

One way you can show you are great is to serve the people around you. Do kind things for orphans, or the elderly, or the physically challenged in your community. Also, do kind acts for your friends, and for her friends as well. Word will surely get to her about how chivalrous you are , and it will make her admire you and want to become close to you

9. Be Funny

If you want to attract a girl you like, and make her love you, then make her laugh. Having  a good sense of humor, and exhibiting it, makes a guy exciting, interesting, and fun to be with. It also makes a guy attractive to a girl.

Therefore, try to be as funny as you can be. Practice being funny with your sisters or brothers, and also try to make your close friends laugh. Once you build this reputation and develop this habit, you will find it easier to make your dream girl laugh her heart out when you are in her company.

10. Don’t  Be Jealous

Do not feel threatened when you see her going out with other guys, or when you see her talking with other guys. Let her see that you feel secure about yourself, and you feel confident enough to give her  room to develop her association with other guys. Let her see those guys, but show to her by your attitude and your actions that she will be far better off dating you than any of those other guys, and she will choose you above them. Just continue to work on her heart by saying good things to her and showing her you care, and she will be attracted to you and date you with time. This is how to attract a girl to fall in love.

11. Tell Her Stories

A female friend told me once that girls like to hear stories. That particular girl said she was attracted to her boyfriend because he tells such interesting stories. She thought it was so romantic.

I am sure there are more girls like her. This is one method you can use to attract a girl to love you! Therefore master this art and use it to your advantage. Tell her some interesting things that have happened to you in your life, such as an embarrassing situation you went through, or your worst day on Earth, or stories about the girls you have liked in the past, or something funny that happened between you and your sister. It will make you look more interesting to her, you will become closer friends, and you will gain her trust when you share personal stories like these.  When a girl trusts a guy, she feels comfortable with him, and is more likely to like him and to be attracted to him, than when she does not trust him.


If you learn how to attract a girl, and adopt the right approach, you can get an opportunity to date her, develop  a close relationship with her, and make her love you. The important thing is to make her feel special always, show her love, and you will be able to keep her till you marry her one day.

11 Smart Things You Can Do to Make A Girl Fall In Love With You

How to Make a Girl Fall in Love With You: Show Brotherly Affection


Source: Dreamstime

How do you make a girl fall in love with you? I want to show you ways you can make a girl fall madly and deeply in love with you and have a romantic relationship with you.

So, how do you make a girl want you?

1. Show Brotherly Affection

If you want to make a girl  fall in love with you fast, see yourself as the girl’s brother and show her the same kind of love you show to your sisters (if you have sisters), or the love you show to your nieces, or female cousins. Treat her the same way you would treat her if she were your sister, and it will make a girl fall in love with you madly.

Love  her as you would love yourself. You cherish  and nourish yourself. In that same way, cherish and nourish her. Treat her the same way you want to be treated by her. She is more likely to fall in love with you and to reciprocate your love when you show her this kind of love because she will feel a security in your love, knowing you will cherish her when she agrees to give you her heart.

2. Give Her Gifts

One strategy you can use to make a girl fall in love with you is to give her thoughtful gifts from time to time.

Why do we present gifts to people? Some of the reasons may include appreciation, to enhance your romantic relationship (to show a girl you love her), to show the girl that the relationship you have with her is important to you, or to congratulate her for something she may have done for you, or to wish her well. It always advisable that you should be careful when you are choosing a gift for a girl you are interested in.

Many men have presented gifts which have turned out to be grossly inappropriate and have led to tension in their romantic relationships. Routine, careless, or improper gift-giving could harm your chances of entering into a romantic relationship with a girl, or inducing a girl to fall in love with you.

What Gift Should I Give Her?

Sometimes difficulties arise when you have to choose a gift for a girl you are interested in and want to have a relationship with. If you give a girl a gift she appreciates, she can like you because she will feel you care about her, and those feelings can later grow and develop into romantic feelings for you.

But how do you get to know the kind of gift that the girl you are interested in will appreciate? You have to do some work. You have to do a little research. You also have to do some planning. In most cases, you have to take the girl’s interests, hobbies and other personal information that may come through the conversations you have with her into consideration. A person’s surroundings, such as her office, home, or room may give you an indication of what she likes and does not like.

To buy the gift for the girl to show your love:

  1. Take into account your affection for her.
  2. Consider your pocket.

What is it that will show her that you care about her, and that you are interested in having a relationship with her? Remember that normally cards with love messages or  teddy bears with love messages are appreciated.

You can also give her other every day gifts bearing in mind how close you are to her, and how personal your relationship with her is. The type of gift you will give to her on her birthday, for example, is largely dependent on how close you are to her. Giving her a card with the right wording will always give a girl great pleasure. Sending her a card is simply telling her that you care about her and are thinking about her.

The Type Of Gift

The gift does not have to be too expensive or the girl may think you are not prudent when it comes to the managing of finances. It must also not be too personal, for example buying her a set of female underwear may give her wrong ideas about what you want from her. A guy who has not so much as sat down to have a drink with the girl is presenting an inappropriate gift if he gives her underwear. The gift you give her should not have sexual or bribery connotations.


Flowers are also good gifts to give to a girl to show her that you are interested in her. Flowers always brighten a person’s day. Wrap it up attractively to give her the impression that you are a diligent, responsible, and caring man who pays attention to detail, because women pay attention to detail and love men who do the same.

Gift giving should be pleasurable both to you and to the girl; it can make a way for you into her heart, or cement the relationship if you are friends already. The only warning is that what you give her should not be offensive to her. Therefore you must be careful in your choice. A well thought out, well timed, and well researched gift, well wrapped in attractive wrapping paper, and presented with a small gift card will induce the girl to improve her appreciation of you, have more regard for you, and induce feelings for you, which may grow into love.

Remember that love never calculates; love never thinks how little it can decently give; love’s one desire is to give to the uttermost limits, and when it has given all it has to give, still think the gift is too little; let this principle guide you when you are giving her gifts.

 3. Warm Yourself Into Her Heart

A wonderful way to get a girl to fall in love with you is to gradually become closer to her. You can get close to her when you get to know her personality. Then after that, appreciate her personality. For  example if you get to know she has a good sense of humor, after she cracks a funny joke, tell her how funny the joke is. Tell her how you like the joke, and how you like her for being so funny.

When you learn her personality and appreciate it, she will appreciate your interest in her personality, she will also grow to like you, and her affection for may grow when she sees that you enjoy her personality. This affection can develop into love with time if you maintain constant contact. This is one way to please a girl and make her fall in love with you.

4. Open Your Ears to Her

The ability to suspend activities you may be engaging in, or to sacrifice some of your time to listen to the concerns of  a girl, is a great tool you can use to make a girl fall in love with you. Every girl has issues and wants a sympathetic ear; a person who will give her most of his time and attention  so that she can pour her fears, dreams, and hopes into that person.

When you are willing to listen to a girl’s concerns, which show her that you care about her, she will grow to appreciate your caring attitude. If you can keep doing this, she will know you genuinely care about her, will make the girl want you, and this may induce love feelings for you in her heart.

5. Use Flattery  Communication

The kinds of words you use on a woman can influence her to like you, and make a girl fall in love with you.

One smart way you can do this is to flatter the girl, and make her feel special. Sincerely tell her how attractive you find her, and how attractive she is. Do not focus on how sexy she is, but how attractive she is or else she would think that you are not really interested in her, but just want to get her into bed with you.

Genuinely, from your heart, compliment her on specific parts of her body you think are great to look at, and which add to her general beauty. Intentionally let her know by your words that you respect and revere her body. Let it be sincere, by using a steady, confident, consistent voice; do not say it in  a playful tone or else she will know you are not serious.

For example, if you think she has nice-looking legs, you can say something like, “Sue, I think you have great legs. To be frank, I have seen many legs of girls, and I must say your legs are fantastic, superb, and incredibly wonderful!”

If you think her nose looks great, you can say something like, “Wow! You have a great nose! It’s so beautiful! Exquisite! I wish I had a nose like yours! It’s really magnificent!”  Be creative with the words you use—if you know any big words, use them and they will also impress her that you are knowledgeable and well-read, and this will also make you score more points with her.

Using flattery this way can make a woman fall in love with you madly.

However, never flatter a girl about her buttocks, or breasts. This is likely to scare her because she may think you are flattering her just because you want to sleep with her, and make her ignore you, lose her respect for you, or become defensive, which will all not make her favorably disposed to you. Therefore, avoid talking about those parts of her body.

6. Be Charming

Every girl wants a guy who will treat her with respect, and who shows he is a gentleman. Therefore, show her that you think she is a special girl who deserves to receive the most gentlemanly of behavior. Treat the girl nicely and she will like you, and it will also make a woman fall in love with you fast; if you meet her carrying a load on her way to her house, offer to hold it to her door; when you meet her in public, greet her nicely and respectfully; let your general disposition towards her be one of  a man who is friendly.

Another way you can look charming is to smile a lot. When you smile, it gives a person the impression that you are a nice person to have around, someone who has a likeable personality. A smile on your face makes you look attractive and will give her the impression that you  may be a happy-go-lucky guy with a positive approach to life; she will think that you are a less aggressive person, less hostile and less dominant, and a more agreeable person to be with; she will feel you will be a comfortable person to have a relationship with, and is more likely to want to get into a relationship with you—this is how to make a woman want you!

When you go about  always with a frowning face, she will think you are an aggressive, unfriendly person who is not fun to be with, and she may feel that it will be difficult to have a relationship with, and so she will find it difficult falling in love with you.

7. Be Unpredictable

When a person is predictable, when you can easily know how a person will behave, it removes  mystery (which makes something seem exciting) surrounding a person and makes him look ordinary in your eyes.

When there is some mystery surrounding  person, when it is difficult to tell what the next move of a person will be, it makes that person appear mysterious and more interesting.

So, try your best to be as unpredictable as you can be; reveal sides of your character and personality she may have never seen. For example if you a fun-loving  extrovert, you can decide to stay indoors and read for a period, just to let her know that you are a complex person who has things up his sleeves when she enters into a relationship with you. She will know that you can spring surprises on her when she gives her heart to you, which will make your relationship more exciting; this can influence the girl to commit and want only you, and to fall in love with you.

8. Exhibit a Good Sense of  Humor

One of the ways to make a girl fall in love with you is to use a good sense of humor to mesmerize her into liking you. In a 2005 study conducted by Eric Bressler of McMaster University, he found out that, “a woman is attracted to a man who makes her laugh.”

Therefore it will be to your advantage if you develop your sense of humor so that you can make the girl laugh often.

To do this effectively, you must develop your capacity to produce jokes for her to laugh at:

  • Keep in mind the jokes you hear people say and reproduce them when you are with her.
  • Read a lot of jokes and try to commit as many of the ones you think are very funny to your memory.
  • Visit websites that offer jokes, download some of the jokes, and rehearse them.

When you meet your friends, or when you are with your siblings, tell them or act out some of these jokes to see their reaction. If they find them funny, it is likely the girl will also find them funny.

When you meet her and you are having conversations, tell her some of these jokes, or act them, and make her laugh.  She will  like you more and more when you can make her laugh and forget some of her problems, when she can feel relaxed in your presence, and when you keep doing this over time  she will know that you are great fun, and it may make her feel attracted to you, and make the girl fall in love with you.

9. Show You Can Be a “Father”

A father inspires courage and fortitude when we are in the troubled hours of life, and brings comfort and peace.

When you can show her that you are a courageous man, a man who has fears but is not afraid to confront his fears, a man who can protect her when she is in danger, the girl will fall in love with you.

In addition, if you show that you can comfort her in times when she is going through struggle and pain, and offer her words of peace, she will know she has a shoulder to lean on in times of trouble, and it may make the girl love you.

10. Show You Can Be a “Mother”

A mother is a precious person, and a mother’s attitude toward her child is one of gentleness; it is to the mother that a child usually runs when there are tears to be kissed away. A fretful child will often soon fall asleep upon the tender pillow of a mother’s breast.

A man is supposed to be hard, tough, rough, robust, and to be unfeeling. However, if you want to make a girl fall in love with you, then you also have to show to her that you have a feminine side, that is you can be tender, loving, caring, and understanding, like a mother, because every woman wants to be treated tenderly.

When you treat a girl tenderly and with gentleness, like a mother treats her child, when you can wipe away her tears when she is sorrowing, when you are able to soothe her worries and anxieties, you can make the girl  fall in love with you.

11. Take Good Care of Your Appearance

Always make sure you go the extra mile to look as attractive as you can. You may consider wearing orange-colored clothes  a lot; orange sends across a signal that you are friendly, relaxing, and an ambitious person, qualities which women find attractive in men.

When you dress well, it can act as a magnet which will pull her towards you because girls like to go out with guys who look very presentable, she will want to get close to know you more, you can become friends, and it may help you to get a date with her. And when you play your cards right, show you are loving and caring, she may learn to love you too.



If your approach is right and you diligently do the things outlined above, you may make a girl fall in love with you. Things may not happen quickly, but if you exercise patience and persevere in you r attempts, she will respond to you and give you your heart’s desire. Continue reading 11 Smart Things You Can Do to Make A Girl Fall In Love With You

How To Approach A Woman: 6 Things You Must Do

How to Approach a Woman: Be Confident


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There are different ways you can approach a woman if you are interested in her. Adopting the right approach will increase chances that you can strike up a friendship with her, and win her love in the long-run.

So, how can you approach a lady for a relationship? Below are the steps you can take to approach a woman for friendship.

1. Be Confident

A lack of confidence is one thing that can prevent you from taking a bold step towards getting to know the woman you are attracted to. You may lack confidence because of what you may have heard about her, how you perceive her character to be like, or because you just cannot imagine how you will feel if you are rejected.

A soldier does not go into a battle thinking that he may lose the battle; a soccer team does not go into a soccer match having it at the back of their minds that they will lose the game. Likewise, you must first of all believe in yourself and in your ability to win her. Having doubts about your abilities will defeat you mentally, and even before you approach her, you may have given up the fight. Therefore it is very important to make up your mind that you are a bold guy, a great guy, a marvelous guy who deserves such a great woman for a relationship; that is how to approach a lady and win her heart!

Do not think that other guys have an advantage over you; believe that whatever you have, be it a skill, your intelligence, or your body frame is enough to make you win the woman.

Positive thinking is a powerful tool you can use to make you feel confident. Use your mind to focus on your positive points, the strengths in your character, for example a good sense of humor, or your ability to engage in interesting conversation, or your beautiful smile, and let them give you the energy and the spirit to go forward—this is how to approach a lady to make her love you.

2. Get to Know Her Hang-outs

You must actively seek information about where this lady normally goes. This will give you an indication as to what her passions and interests in life are, information which you can use to have interesting conversations with her.

You can conveniently get this information by making friends with some of her friends and extracting that intelligence from them. Alternatively, you can get close to some of her relatives or co-workers and find sly ways of getting that information from them.

Make friends with her on Facebook, Twitter, and the other social media websites; this will give you a fair idea of her tastes and preferences in men, and some idea as to her character; like her comments and pictures, make comments on comments she passes, interact with her and get to know her more. But do not tell her you like her or that you think she is beautiful yet; she may report you and your account may be disabled or blocked.

This intelligence gathering should also make you know whether she is an introvert or an extrovert. If she is an introvert, then you must know you must show yourself to be a cool guy, to show gentleness when you are approaching her.

If she is an extrovert, then you must show you are a fun-loving, exciting guy when you approach her.

3. Brainstorm

After you have gathered enough information about her, sit down and digest that information so that you can plan how to approach her; the right approach  will ensure that you can make friends without being repulsed.

You should not forget your main objective  is to make a connection with  the woman; being rejected will defeat that purpose and so you need to strategize well to increase chances that you will achieve your aim.

Make a list of all the major things  you now know about her. For example, does she like moving with women or men?—note it down. Does she like wearing clothes of a particular color? Does she always use a particular route when she is going to work, or to class? Does she  like a particular food, sweet, or pet? Note all these down.

Research on her likes and learn as much as you can about them. If she likes clothes, try to learn about clothes. If  you get to know she likes a particular telenovella, watch episodes of that soap opera so that you can have something to talk about on your first meeting.

4. Approach the Woman

The next step is to plan when you will meet her. Timing is very important, and could be the difference between success and failure; approaching her at a time when she is in a lousy mood can mar everything for you. Therefore, make sure you notice she is in a good mood before you approach her.

It is also important that you approach her when she is alone; some people do not feel comfortable  meeting a new acquaintance in the presence of other people; it will also be to your advantage because you can handle the embarrassment better if she is not too responsive.

Plan to meet her at one of her hang-outs. Before you go, use the knowledge you acquired during your intelligence gathering. If you know she likes a particular color, dress in that color. For example if you got to know she likes yellow, wear a yellow shirt. In addition, brush up on the intelligence you gathered so that you will remember to include them in your conversation with her.


Approach Strategies

There are three strategies you can adopt;

  1. You can make it look accidental, as if you were going to the same place she was also going to, to do something important there and then you met her. For example, if you know she is going to her favorite restaurant, go there too at that same time, take a seat near her table, pay attention to what she orders, and order the same thing. Say something nice about the place or the meal to spark a conversation .

Another example is to go to class, her hostel, or the library when you see her going there, and saying something that can help you to get her attention and start a conversation.

  1. Make friends with her closest friends—women or men she feels comfortable going out with. When you do this, you would have introduced yourself into her social circle. With time, you will get to meet her often as these friends will invite you when they are going to see her; you will get close to her, it will be easier to establish a friendship, and propose love. This may take some time, but you have to be patient.
  2. If you are a bold man, then go to where she hangs-out and approach her directly. When you see she is cheerful and looks receptive for a conversation, go towards her; smile as you go towards her, make eye contact, walk with confidence, swag and purpose, and look cheerful—show you are an interesting person who would be great company if she makes friends with you.

When you approach her in a kind and friendly way, it will diffuse any potential tension and anxiety she may have, and create a conducive atmosphere for a conversation to materialize. You can start with a simple “Hi” and see whether she will respond. If the signals are positive, you can then initiate a conversation with her. If the signals are negative, be patient. There will be other opportunities to connect with her.

5. Make Interesting Conversation

When she seems interested in conversing, take advantage to complement her immediately. Lots of conversations begin when one person compliments the other. Women especially love to be complimented and you can take advantage of that to make a social connection with her. Take note of her hairstyle, her dress, or her shoes, and say something about these to make her happy, relaxed, and comfortable to start a conversation with you.

When she wants to know a bit more about you, tell her a bit about yourself. Do not go into too much detail that will make you sound boastful, but just enough to arouse her interest to make her want to know more about you.


Ask Conversational Questions

Ask her open-ended questions about her interests which will force her to talk more and can help keep the conversation going. Open-ended questions start with:

  1. Who?
  2. When?
  3. What?
  4. Why?
  5. Where?
  6. How?

For example, you can ask her, “Who is your favorite movie star?” or “What are your plans for the coming vacation?” or “Where would you like to go if you had a million dollars?” This will force her to talk more.


Your Body Language

Show keen interest in whatever she says. Feel relaxed and stay focused. Listen carefully to what she says and make comments related to what she is talking about. Be careful not to look at people passing, or to stare at the floor or the ceiling, or to stare at her; look at her a little, then look around a little.

6. Follow Up

When you are parting, you can tell her you enjoyed the conversation and would like to talk more about other things, and you want to know if she will be comfortable giving you her phone number.



These are some of the ways to approach a woman. If she consents, try your best to honor her, treat her specially, make the relationship exciting, and show her love, so that you can sustain the relationship for a long time.


Do you have any ideas on how to approach a woman? Share them with the world by leaving a comment. Thank you.