Be Kind to the Poor

A young man was selling goods to help pay his way through school. He had only one coin left that day, and he was hungry. He decided he would ask for a meal at the next house. However, he lost nerve when the lady opened the door—and so instead, asked only for a glass of  water. She thought he looked hungry, and so she brought him a large glass of milk. He drank it slowly, and then he said, ‘‘How much do I owe you?’’

‘‘You don’t owe me anything,’’ the woman replied. ‘‘Mother taught us never to accept pay for kindness.’’

The lad said, ‘‘Then I thank you from my heart.’’

The boy’s name was Howard Kelly. As he left that house, he not only felt stronger physically, but His faith in God and His love for people were stronger also.’’

Years later, that woman became critically ill. The local doctors sent her to the big city, where they called in a specialist.

Dr. Howard Kelly was called in for the consultation. When he heard the name of the town from which she came, he immediately went to the room where she lay. Dressed in his doctor’s gown, Kelly went in to see her. He recognized her face, and went back to the consultation room, determined to do his very best to save her life.

From that day, Kelly gave special attention to the case, and the woman recovered and was able to go home. Kelly requested the business office to pass the final bill on to him for approval. He looked at the bill, wrote something on the edge of it—and it was sent to her home.

She feared opening the invoice when it came. She was sure it would take the rest of her life to pay it all. When she opened the envelope, something caught her attention on the side of the bill. She read these words: ‘‘Paid in full—with one glass of  milk.’’ It was signed—‘‘Dr. Howard Kelly.’’

Giving to the poor is a good investment. It pays rich dividends.


God Himself Will Provide

Louisa Stead and her husband and their 4 year-old daughter lived in New York City. One afternoon during the summer of  1890, Louisa packed a picnic lunch, and their little family spent some time along the shore of  long island—playing in the sand, wading in the ocean, and enjoying a few hours of  relaxation and rest. She said to herself, as she watched her husband and little girl playing the sand, ‘‘My cup runneth over.’’ Her thoughts for the moment went back over the chain of events that had brought her to that happy hour.

Louisa was born in England and had come to America in 1871 on a visit with her family. She was deeply moved by a speaker’s call for young people to volunteer for missionary service in China, and she decided to go, but she was rejected on account of  her health. Later she had met Mr. Stead, and they had married. God blessed their union with a sweet girl. She often said, ‘‘What more could one ask in life than a good husband and a lovely little child—and a feeling that one has found his place in God’s plan.’’

But just then, as she was sitting along the shore thinking back over the past, she saw a little boy out in the water beyond the breakers, struggling against the wind and the strong waves—trying to get back to shore. She called to her husband. ‘‘That little boy out there seems to be in trouble’’—and without hesitating at all, Mr. Stead told his wife to look after their daughter—and he plunged into the waves.

Louisa saw her husband reach the lad’s side,  and place his strong arms around the struggling youth—and began to swim back toward the shore. But the boy, instead of  yielding himself to the strength  and skill of the older man—in his fright—kept struggling and pulling wildly. As Louisa looked on in horror, she saw the two of  them go down under the waves. Later they emerged, only to drop out of sight again. She rushed to where their daughter was playing in the sand, picked the little child up, and held her close to her trembling body. She called out over the stormy waves hoping the words would reach her husband: ‘‘Darling, where are you?’’ The only answer was the echo of  her own words.

Later that evening the body of Mr. Stead was recovered. The next few weeks were dark days for that heart-broken mother and her little daughter. She sought comfort from reading the words of  the Bible,and from singing some of  the hymns of  the church. But not only were the months that followed sad and lonely, but coupled with her grief was the added burden of  providing for her little family. This was before the days of social security; there was nothing like a survivor’s pension.

But one afternoon when the pantry was about empty, and there was scarcely anything left to eat, Mrs. Stead and her daughter continued to pray that God would provide for them out of  His bounties. The next morning she found a large basket of  food at the front door, and an envelope with enough money to buy shoes for the little girl. She was so uplifted by that experience that she began to write:

‘‘ ‘Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus,

Just to take Him at His word,

Just to rest upon His promise,

Just to know, ‘‘Thus saith the Lord.’’

Jesus, Jesus, how I trust Him,

How I’ve proved Him o’er and o’er,

Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus!

Oh for grace to trust Him more!’’

Just as Louisa received special help after the death of  her husband—so we are told also to throw our anxieties on Him, because He cares for us. ‘‘Casting all your care upon Him; for He careth for you’’(1Peter 5v7).

Never Give Up

The 1929 event was a Rose Bowl game, which was perhaps the most exciting college football game that was played throughout the year. The two teams that played on New Year’s day in 1929 were Georgia Tech and California. During the last minutes of of  the second quarter, there was a jarring tackle at midfield. The football spurted up in the air and came down into the arms of a California linebacker by the name of  Roy Regals. He took a firm grip on the ball, reversed his field position, zig-zagged , and headed for daylight. The extreme delight of a football player’s heart is to see daylight between him and the goalpost. And with cheering audience, and all the excitement, Roy did not realize that he was headed in the wrong direction. But just before he crossed the goal line, one of  his own team mates tackled him. A few plays later, Georgia Tech got possession of the ball and good field position , and went on to score and later on , win the game, eight to seven. Roy was very dejected, and very humiliated. He promptly left the field and went into the locker room and hid back of the lockers. The next morning in bold print, the newspapers carried the account of  the great mistake that Roy made.

But there was one sports reporter in the stadium that day who noticed in Roy something that nobody ever noticed. During the second half, he played the most inspiring football of his entire career. His tackles were vicious, and his blocking was firm and crisp. The reporter found his way to Roy after the game and wondered what it was that inspired him to continue playing the best football of  his career. Roy shared it like this:

‘‘At the time of the mistake, I was headed for the lockers and there I sat ,back of the lockers, keeping myself out of view of everyone ,even thinking about taking my own life. And then at halftime when the coach and the rest of  the squad came in for the break, it wasn’t long until Clarence Price, who was the coach of the team, started calling out the starting lineup. When he got to center, he called Roy’s name. And it was at this time   that Roy came out from back of the lockers.

‘‘I-I-I c-c-can’t coach.’’ And then the coach said to him, ‘‘But you are very important part of this football team. We need you. The team needs you. Now you go out there and give the very best you can.’’ Roy said at this time, when he realized that Clarence still believed in him, he had no other choice but to go out and give it the very best he had.

I don’t know how often you may have fumbled the ball, and headed in the wrong direction. Sometimes we spend too much time fretting about our past failures  and neglects and frustrations, and we brood over these errors to the point that it really stifles our enthusiasm for the future.

Jesus Is Coming Soon

I hope you enjoy reading this post. I want to share something with you. Everything happening in the world points to the fact that Jesus is coming soon to judge the world. Are you ready to face God in judgment?

 “It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment” (Hebrews 9v 27). For each one of us it will be Heaven or Hell.

How do you prepare to meet God?

  1. Believe that God loves you and wants to save you.
  2. Acknowledge yourself a sinner and separated from God.
  3. Believe that Jesus Christ is God’s Son and that He is the Only provision for man’s sin.
  4. Personally receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, ask Him to forgive your sins, ask Him to take control and become the Lord of your life.

Do not die in your sins and go to hell. Give your life to Jesus and let Him save you.

Let Jesus Help You to Escape the Coming Judgment

Early on the morning of June 5,1946, fire swept through the twenty-two story Hotel LaSalle in Chicago. Within minutes the main outside exits and stairway exits from the floors above were blocked by flames. Most of the eleven hundred patrons had retired to their rooms. The fire raged for three hours. It was Chicago’s worst hotel tragedy. Over 200 people were injured and 65 lives were lost. Smoke, panic, and intense heat claimed most of the victims. At least ten persons leaped to certain death from windows high above the street. Fire commissioner Michael Corrigan said, ‘‘Many of the deaths were tragically unnecessary.’’ A few moments before the fire occurred, a Chicago merchantman telephoned his wife from the hotel to say he was playing bridge there with friends. His wife said afterwards, ‘‘I asked him when he would be home, and he said he would come home as soon as he finished the hand they were playing.’’ But that was not soon enough. His wife identified his body at a county morgue later that day. One hand of bridge cost this man his life.

How often when one is asked (in the spiritual sense), ‘‘When are you coming home?’’ he answers, ‘‘After I do this, that, or the other thing.’’ And before he is aware of it, death has overtaken him and he is ushered into a lost eternity.

Miss Anita Blair of El Paso, Texas, a blind lecturer, was on the eleventh floor of the LaSalle Hotel at the time of the fire. But she followed her seeing eye dog, Fawn, to safety. Following Fawn into the hallway, she related, ‘‘He made the way through the noise , smoke, and confusion to a window and down eleven floors of an outside fire escape.’’ For all spiritually blind persons, faith is the seeing eye needed to go through all the noise, and smoke.

Jesus promised to come to earth gain to judge sinners. And just as God was true to His Word and caused the flood to sweep away sinners, Jesus is coming again to exact judgment on God’s enemies—people living in sin. Jesus will help you to escape the coming judgment if you believe in Him. Let Jesus deliver you from your prison of sin, misery, and grief. God’s grace is sufficient. Whatever your need, Jesus is adequate. Believe in Him and He will give you peace, hope, and eternal life.

Don’t Drive Yourself to Hell

Many years ago, a young man violated some traffic laws, and was involved in a hit and run traffic accident. He was chased by the police, but made a desperate effort to get away. He attempted to get on to a major highway at an interchange. And when he saw that the entrance was lined with cars, he went off the entrance drive, around the pay stations, and sped on to the highway. The police followed the speeding car, and telephoned ahead. Roadblocks were quickly set up in an effort to stop the youth from his mad rush to a likely accident. But he was able to dodge the roadblocks one after another. Sometimes he simply ran them down; other times he crossed the medial strip and went into the other lane of traffic, and then turned back again. Finally, in a desperate effort to stop the young man, two huge tractor trailer trucks were placed across all four lanes of traffic. Red flares were set up at intervals several miles ahead  to warn the driver of approaching danger. Everyone was sure this blockade would stop the mad driver, but as he approached the roadblock, he looked in his mirror; he saw the police behind; he looked straight ahead and saw the two tractor trailers—but instead of stopping, he kept moving at 100 mph, and crashed headlong into the trucks, hurling his soul into an endless eternity. His car went under the trucks, and came out on the other side, a smashed, mangled, twisted bundle of steel.

If you have not believed in Jesus and are not living for Him today, I remind you that just as the policemen did everything within their power to stop the speeding boy, and even gave him warning signals ahead—so God is doing everything possible to keep you from continuing on the path that leads to hell. It is God’s desire that everyone repent, believe the Gospel, and live a new life of obedience to Jesus. If you are living a sinful life, repent. Accept you are a sinner. Believe in Jesus. Confess your sins to Jesus. He will forgive you and turn your life around.

The God Who Is Love Loves You

One preacher tells of his experience traveling one day on a train. He noticed a dejected looking young- man with a tear stained face. He could see he had been crying. The preacher yearned to be of some help to him, and so he asked him why he was so dejected and cast down. In answer to his inquiry, the young man told him the old story of a prodigal’s unhappy experience. The youth related how he had left home and spent his best years at the swine trough of sin, only to find out exactly what the boy in the story of the prodigal son discovered—it was all vanity. Now he was on his way back home, but he was afraid his father would be angry. He had written a letter beforehand to his father, requesting that a white cloth be hung in the old apple tree in the front yard, near to the place where the train would pass. The white cloth in the tree would mean ‘‘welcome’’ to the boy; and if it wasn’t there, he would just go on, without getting off at the station. As the train came closer his home, the young man said to the preacher, ‘‘Please, sir, will you look and see if it is there?’’ The boy didn’t want to look. He was afraid it wouldn’t be there. But as the train came closer and closer, and they passed the house, the preacher called, ‘‘Look, my boy, look at that old apple tree—it’s all covered with white cloths.’’ The young man’s sadness was turned to joy. He got off at the station and was restored to his father’s house.

My friend, if you have turned your back on God’s love; if you have invested your life in sinful pleasure; if you are dissatisfied with life, go to Jesus in prayer and tell Him about it. Jesus will give you more happiness than you will ever find in following a life of sin. No matter how deep into sin and misery you may have fallen, you can be cleansed by the blood of Jesus if you will turn your life to Jesus. Today you still have a chance. Don’t throw it away. It may be your last chance to repent. God bless you for responding to His call.

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