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15 Cute Things to Do With Your Girlfriend

cute things to do with your girlfriend
15 Cute Things to Do With Your Girlfriend


A relationship can get boring sometimes, right?

You just ran out of ideas about what to keep the relationship exciting…

You rack your brain and rack it but…

It is as though you have come to the end of your creativity.

But…don’t worry! I have lots of ideas and being the selfish (?) guy that I am, I want to share a few cute things to do with your girlfriend with you to help you have a great relationship.

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1.    Bake Together

You love eating cakes, right? And you also love eating pastries, bread, meat pies, biscuits and the like, right?

Instead of just being a consumer of these goodies, why don’t you become a producer?

That’s right! One of the cute things to do with your girlfriend on a date is to bake!

Produce all these delicious “eatables” with your girlfriend! Dress like clowns, or dress like genies or gnomes or whatever imaginary beings tickle your fancy. And as you beat eggs, mix flour, regulate an oven and so on at her house, converse and listen to your favorite music intermittently.

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2.    Watch The Sun Set

One of the cute things to do with your girlfriend on valentine’s day is to watch the sun retire for the day.

Settle with your girlfriend under palm trees, or at the  park. Snuggle up to your girlfriend with a bottle of lemonade and vegetable pies, or a yogurt and banana cakes.

Put your arm around her and observe as the sun glows, throws an orange ball in the sky, and goes “home” to sleep. Enjoy every moment of the spectacle.

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3.    Build Castles In The Sand At The Beach

You loved to build castles in the sand when you were a little boy, right? And you miss those days, right?

So, why don’t you relive those exciting times again?

No, no, don’t shake your head. You are not too old to do that again. You can!

This is what you should do:

Keep it a surprise…

  • go to your girlfriend’s house one Saturday morning;
  • inform her that you have a surprise for her;
  • respectfully ask her to put on casual clothes; and then
  • drive her to the nearest beach;
  • settle in the sand together, brainstorm about the kind of house you would like to live in together when you get married. Then, together, try to create a “sand version” of your dream house.
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4.    Tramp Through Woods

Grab Susie, Amy, Ava, Yaa, or Adwoa’s (or whatever your girlfriend’s name is)hand. Leave the house. And take a stroll through serene woods.

Challenge each other to “walking matches”—set a distance you must both walk and try to outdo each other over that distance.

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5.    Have A Picnic On A Lake

Pack a basket with raspberries, cranberries, bananas, pineapples, or papaya, as well as doughnuts, some fried fish, and whole meal bread. Plus, take along any musical instrument that you can play well.

Hire a canoe or a kayak. When you get to the lake, row off the shore and stop in the middle of the lake. Unpack the food and enjoy it over a conversation about what direction you want your relationship to take.

After the meal, create a love song together and sing it to each another.

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6.    Learn How To Speak A New Language

Learn French, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, Twi, Ga, Ewe, Swahili, Hausa, Arabic or any other exotic language that you may have heard of.

And after you master it, use it to confuse your friends and relations. Or, use it to create your own “imaginary world” where only both of you can understand each other.

Want to know more interesting things to do with her…

Keep reading…

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7.    Show Love To Disadvantaged Children

One of the cute things to do with your girlfriend on her birthday is to be charitable. Buy exercise books, pens, and pencils. Then, visit an orphanage and distribute these items to the children.

Alternatively, identify homeless or street children and give the items to them. Follow this up by inspiring them to aspire to get an education.

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8.    Teach A Parrot How To Mention Your Names

You get thrilled when you hear a parrot “speaking”, right? And you wonder how those birds manage to imitate humans, right?

So, solve the mystery! Together with your girlfriend, learn how to train a parrot to speak. And then buy a parrot for your girlfriend on her next birthday. Subsequently, teach the bird how to mention your names.

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9.    Write Love Poems

Recount all the amazing times you have shared together as boyfriend and girlfriend. Let those memories inspire you and guide you to express yourselves to each in poems. Then, grab her hand, look deep into her eyes, and let her know the depth of the love you have for her.

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10. Ride A Horse

Borrow the horse of a farmer or horse owner in your town. Settle on the horse together and go on an adventure: ride the animal to outlying parts of the town and hurdle over obstacles.

Alternatively, get a horse each and race each other on a track and field park or on a soccer field.

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11. Go To A Ghanaian Festival

Ghanaians in the US and Europe organize festivals from time to time. During these festivals, they showcase Ghana’s rich culture.

Inquire about when the next Ghanaian festival will be held in your area. And then go there with your girlfriend.

Learn what you can about Ghanaian culture. Learn about the Ghanaian way of dressing. Learn how to dance some traditional Ghanaian dances. And learn how to cook some Ghanaian foods.

After the festival, dress like Ghanaians sometimes, cook Ghanaian foods for each other, and entertain yourselves with Ghanaian music and Ghanaian dances.

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12. Camp In The Yard Of  Your House

When your girlfriend comes over one day, set up a tent on the lawn of your house one warm evening. Decorate the tent with flowers and play love songs to create a romantic ambience. Settle in two chairs facing each other, hold hands, and talk about your hopes and dreams for the future.

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13. Role Play

You enjoy watching your favorite movie stars on screen, right? And you enjoy the excitement the movies bring you, right?

Then, why not create your own excitement yourselves! Pretend you are your favorite film stars and enact some of your favorite scenes from their movies which you love the most.

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14. Guess The Names Of Flowers

Set the stakes for a “knowing flowers” excursion. For example, you may decide that when your girlfriend hits a certain score, you will give her a special treat: for a whole week, you will take her to her favorite restaurant for lunch.

And you may decide that if she does not make that score, she will buy you a gift of your choice on your next birthday.

Then go to a botanical garden with a botany book. Let your girlfriend try to identify some flowers and give her a score.

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15. Listen To Radio For A Whole Day

Settle by your radio and listen to different discussions and different programs. Listen to a range of programs ranging from entertainment to politics, sports, fashion, science, wealth creation, cars, women’s issues, health, and holidays and celebrations. Then, pick 5 of the issues that interested you the most and debate each other on those topics.

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Points To Remember

Wrapping it all up, remember that some of the cute things to do with your girlfriend are:

  • baking in the house;
  • tramping through woods;
  • caring for disadvantaged children; and
  • attending a Ghanaian festival.
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Now It’s Your Turn!

I am sure that you also have many ideas about some cute things lover can do.

Share some of them with the world! Let the world know by telling me about them in the comments section below.

And Share this post with your friends and let them have great times with their girlfriends too!









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6 Smart and Easy Ways to Get Back Your Ex Girlfriend

get back your ex girlfriend
6 Smart Ways to Get Back Your Ex Girlfriend

Do you want to know the best ways to get back your ex-girlfriend? Have you tried several times but failed?

Are you frustrated and thinking of giving up?


In this article, I will show you what you can do to make it happen.


Then continue reading…

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1.     Your Mindset

No soldier goes to war thinking that he will lose the war, right? And no soccer player goes onto the field hoping that his side will lose the game, right?

In that same vein, make up your mind that only the best can happen when you make efforts to get back your ex-girlfriend.

Why You Must Be Positive

It will give you the vim and confidence you need to persevere even when she proves stubborn.

Exhibiting an unrelenting spirit can make her see how serious you are about her and it can help her change her mind about trying to work things out.

And here’s the big one…

2.     Excel At Something

Are you living a mediocre life? Are you just another member of the crowd? Do you live an ordinary life?

If your answer to all these questions is yes, then there is nothing special about you that may make your ex-girlfriend feel that she is losing someone great and valuable.

And that is why she does not bat an eyelid lid when you tell her you want her back.

So how can you change the situation?

Wow Her!

If you want to get back your ex-girlfriend, do something extraordinary.

  • If you are in school, work very hard, I mean extra, extra hard, and make good grades so that you can become the talk of the school.
  • Learn a new skill such as playing the guitar or drumming, record a love song, and promote the song on social media.
  • Do a brave deed in school—do advocacy work for poor students who are finding it hard to pay their school fees, advocate for a female student who is undergoing abuse at home, champion student’s rights on campus and so on.
  • If you are a worker, fight for a cause with zeal and passion. Set up an NGO to take care of street children, contact people and influence them to help the homeless, do charitable acts every week, set up an NGO to fight for women’s rights in your community and so on.

You may be asking yourself, “Right. Do this and do that and go to the moon and dance calypso and…and so what! How can this help me to get back my ex-girlfriend?”

How Excelling At Something Can Help You To “Score Points”

Have you ever watched the President giving a soldier a medal for bravery at the war front?

And then when you read the newspaper the next day, this soldier’s picture was in it?

And then when you tuned in to watch Oprah you saw his face…

You get the point?

Here’s the deal…

Guys who do brave deeds become popular and win the hearts of people.

When you leave your “comfort zone” and you “get your hands dirty” and become popular, your ex-girlfriend is bound to see what you are doing and how you are helping disadvantaged people.

Want to know the best part?

Ladies like to be associated with popular and famous guys.


  • when she reads the rave reviews that you are getting all over the place;
  • when she hears the comments people pass about how you are contributing to make the lives of others better;
  • when she sees how people respect you because of your new status

she may want to have a piece of the “cake” too—she may want to get back into your social circle again so that she can enjoy some of the attention too.

And when she renews her friendship with you, BINGO!

You can cajole her with sweet words and promises of doing things differently this time. And you can give promises that you will treat her differently.

Those sweet words can tip the scales and make her give your dead relationship life again.

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And it gets even more interesting…

3.    Use “The Magnetizing Mood” Whenever You Meet Her

You remember days on which you have met ladies and their mood just makes you want to associate with the person, right?

It just makes you feel that, “I just want to spend more time with this lady,” right?

That is what I call “the magnetizing mood”—a mood that makes it hard for someone to leave you when you meet them.

How Can You Show This Magnetizing Mood?

  1. Avoid showing anxiety or looking needy. Take in deep breaths to help you feel relaxed and go with the flow.
  2. Don’t grumble or complain when you are with her.
  • Don’t talk about problems whilst you are with her, but solutions to problems.

How The Magnetizing Mood Can Help You To Get Back Your Ex-Girlfriend

Showing a magnetizing mood consistently whenever you meet your ex-girlfriend will

  • make you leave an indelible impression on her mind;
  • this impression may make her see you in a new light;
  • the change in her perspective may help stir her affection for you again; and
  • so, she may miss you again, which can help rekindle feelings for you in her again and make her desire a comeback.

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4.     Ask Her About Her Love Life

If she tells you that she is still single and searching

  • show excitement and drop hints that you miss her and she is always welcome back whenever she decides to reconnect; and
  • subtly drop hints that you are also still single and searching.
  • For example, you may say something such as this, “I hope you find what you are looking for out there. But you know what, I…I miss the good times we had in the past. You know what, my doors are always open if you need a friend. You know I am always there for you, right?”

You can use that to make her mind work to accept that the relationship may not be over. That can pave the way for you to let her see why you should get back together again.

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5.     Use Her Closest Female Friends

Your very close male friends can sometimes influence you to change your mind, right?

Sometimes you are so angry with someone, but when a male friend you trust and love talks to you about the situation, it makes you change your attitude towards the person who hurt you, right?

You change your mind because you feel that the male friend understands the situation and cares about you so much that whatever he is suggesting will benefit you in the long run, right?

In just the same way, you can get back your ex-girlfriend by getting some of your girlfriend’s very close female friends to talk to her about getting back together with you.

Why This Will Work

Since your girlfriend knows that her close female friends want the best for her, she is likely to seriously consider a request they make on your behalf.

And when they keep reminding her and impressing upon her how the two of you will make a great couple, she may see truth in that and choose to give your relationship another chance.

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6.     Let Her Elder Sisters Help You

Another strategy you can use to get back your ex-girlfriend is to implore the help of her elder sisters, especially those who may have broken up with their boyfriends but reunited later.

Why their elder sisters?

Here’s The Deal:

Women trust the judgment of their elder sisters who have experiences in love matters.

They feel that because their “experienced” elder sisters are also women, they can spot a guy who can make a woman happy, or a guy who is good marriage material.

So, when her sister(s) talk to her and make her see that you are a good guy and she will be happy with you if she gives you another chance

  • she may ruminate upon all the good things you did for her whilst you were dating; and
  • she will remember the times you made her happy.

The happy feelings those nostalgic memories will induce can motivate her to choose to work things out again instead of taking the easy way out—quitting the relationship.

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Points To Remember

To get back your ex- girlfriend

  • be upbeat about the whole “project”;
  • do extraordinary things;
  • magnetize and mesmerize her whenever you meet her; and
  • let her female friends work on her mind.
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Now It’s Your Turn!

Do you like these tips? Are there any other tips that you think can help a guy get his ex-girlfriend back?

Share them with the world! Let the world know by leaving a comment.





Share this post with your friends and let them get their ex-girlfriend back too!









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6 Smart Ways to Get Over Your Ex Girlfriend Permanently

Kofi Brentuo’s heart was broken by a lady he adored and he finds it very difficult to get on with his life.

“I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would be in a situation where I would be wondering how to get over your ex-girlfriend because I felt my relationship would last forever. I had never been in a relationship before I met Akosua. She taught me how to love, how to believe in myself, and she knew exactly what to do to make me feel happy. Our relationship progressed and it got to a point where my whole life revolved around her. And then her former boyfriend came back into town and from then onwards it was trouble after trouble. We started having quarrels. I did my best to salvage the relationship, but she continued to fall out of love with me, and we grew distant until she left me for her former boyfriend. And they will be getting married soon. I am shattered! I want to know how you can get over your ex-girlfriend that you still love but who dumped you? Oh, I still have strong feelings for her! I want to know how you can get over your ex-girlfriend who is dating someone else. I wake up each morning feeling so empty. How can one deal with an ex-girlfriend leaving you for someone new?” Kofi asks.

In a similar situation?

Then here are a few tips that can help you to get over your ex-girlfriend for good.

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1.    Stop Reminiscing

You think about the hugs she used to give you, right? You recall the sweet words of love she used to whisper into your ear, right? And you often remember what she did for you during your last birthday, right?

Ruminating will just make the past relationship feel so real to you. Consequently, the feelings those thoughts induce may urge you to think of asking for a reunion or asking for another chance.

But your ex- girlfriend may have gotten over you and made new plans for the future, right?

Friend, this is how to get over your ex-girlfriend completely:

What You Must Do

  1. Accept that it is over! And choose to stop analyzing what you could have done differently, why she should have made compromises so that you could have worked things out, or efforts you should have made to improve the relationship.
  2. Encourage yourself that once there is life, and once there are so many other women out there, you will most definitely find love again, if you look forward to tomorrow instead of living in the past.
  3. Visualize yourself meeting another woman and having a great relationship with her, an even better relationship than the one which is dead.
  4. Watch movies in which the protagonist loses his girlfriend, but finds a wonderful woman who loves him more than the woman he lost.

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2.    Focus On The Benefits Of Leaving Her

Yes, you shared some great moments together. And, yes, she added value to your life and made you feel happy.

But you will agree with me that you have benefitted in some ways, right?

Think about it!

At least, you have time for yourself now, right?

I can hear the anger in your voice as you say,

I am so hurt and always ruminating upon the great times I shared with her. I can’t think of anything else!

I sympathize with you!

I know it’s hard.

But you have to discipline your mind and think about the things you have gained since you broke up with her, if you want to get over your ex-girlfriend.

How can you do this?

How To Keep Your Mind On The Benefits of Leaving Your Ex-Girlfriend

  • Reflect and you will see ways in which your life has become better since you broke up with her.
  • You may start by writing the extreme opposite of the things she did to hurt you. For example, if she used to get angry often, you may write, “At least, now I will not have her shouting at me.”
  • Read them often when you start thinking about her.
  • Or, record the ways you have benefitted on your smartphone and play them to yourself when thoughts about how badly you miss your ex-girlfriend come into your mind.

Doing the exercise above will help to fill you with positive emotions and you will find it easier to reconcile with your present situation.

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3.     Look For A New Woman Within Two Months

Look for whom! you may be asking.

It looks counter-intuitive right?

It is true that your feelings have been so messed up by the break up that you may not feel like starting a new relationship any time soon.

And you may be feeling,

I don’t feel that I can date any woman right now. Women are wicked! They are all the same! No woman for me ever again!

Thoughts such as these are normal.

However, doing just the opposite of that is one of the best ways to get over your ex-girlfriend.

And it is backed by science!

Research done by the University of New York and the University of Illinois suggests that starting a relationship within two months of a breakup can help one move on faster.

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4.     Keep Yourself Occupied

You feel depressed, right? You feel as though the world has come to an end and you may never find someone to love you, right?

Then the best thing to do is to ensure that you occupy your mind and body continuously throughout each day.

What You Can Do

Come up with a “getting over her” plan:

  • Make a list of all the things you enjoy doing.
  • If the list does not get to 100 activities, add things you have always wished to do until the list reaches 100. 100 activities should keep you so occupied that you will have no time to think about her.
  • Then create a detailed plan with the list. Write down what you will do every morning, afternoon, and evening every day for the next 6 months. 6 months should be enough time for you to get over the pain of losing her.
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Read Too

Read the kinds of books you love, apart from romance novels.

Set a target for yourself every month. For example, you may decide to read at least 10 thrillers in the first month after the break up, 15 thrillers in the following month and so on.

Learn Something New

It takes a lot of time, effort, and mental focus to learn how to do something new, right?

So, get out of your comfort zone and do something novel.

5.     Use “The Replacement Strategy,” If You Feel Very Attached To Her

If you were very strongly attached to your ex- girlfriend, you will have to try and develop such strong attachments with other people who love you and care about you.

  • Spend a lot of time with school mates who used to make you laugh back in the days when you were in Junior High.
  • Get out of town for a few weeks. Go on a trip with your siblings and “mindfully” enjoy yourself wherever you go—let your mind focus on enjoying yourself there.
  • Cook meals and invite your work colleagues to come over for lunch on weekends.
  • “Date” your sisters. Spend time with them every weekend and talk about the great times you had when you were children.
  • Visit your father and mother more often, help them with household chores, and tell them about how you are getting on in life.
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6.       Make Your iPod Or Sound-System Your Friend

You love music, don’t you?

And I suppose it must be upbeat, danceable music you love, right?

However, you may need to change your taste in music during this period.


Research has shown that listening to sad music can induce positive emotions, such as peacefulness, in the person who listens to such music.

When you feel positive, you are more likely to think positive thoughts and that will make you feel less miserable.

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Points To Remember

This is how to get over your ex-girlfriend:

  • Accept its over;
  • remind yourself often of the positives in this whole situation;
  • start a new relationship early;
  • fill your life with constant activity;
  • use “the replacement strategy”; and
  • listen to music that will help subdue your emotions.


Now It’s Your Turn!

Have you experienced a breakup before? How did you get over her?

Share them with me and with the world by leaving a comment.





Share this post with your friends and help them to get over their ex-girlfriends too!









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7 Easy Ways to Get Over Your Ex Girlfriend Completely

Ouch! It hurts…

I know it does.

The sleepless nights…

The feeling of emptiness…

Want to know the steps to emotional freedom?

Then read on…

… because in this article, I am going to show you how to get over your ex-girlfriend, completely and permanently, so that you can find peace to help you enjoy your life.


These are the easy steps you must take to get over your ex-girlfriend:

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1.    Cut Off Contact On Facebook

Okay, you love Facebook. And your ex-girlfriend also loves Facebook.

And because you often wonder what she is up to, you stalk your ex- girlfriend, right?

If you continue to see what’s going on in the life of your ex- girlfriend on Facebook, one of two things may happen:

  1. you may start developing feelings for her again; or
  2. you may start hating her.

And both reactions will make you continue to think about her, right?

So, if you want to get over your ex-girlfriend who was cheating on youclick that “unfriend” button and never look back.

2.    How To Get Over Your Ex-Girlfriend: Boost Your Self-esteem

Remind Yourself That You Are Great

Be honest with me. You feel as though you are not worthy to be loved, right?

And you feel as though you cannot propose to another woman ever again in your life, right?

But, let me tell you a secret:

You are great! You are a great guy!

I can hear you mutter under your breath,

Yeah, you’re kidding me, right?

NO, I’m not! Really! Think about it for a moment.

There is no other person like you on earth. And there will never be! And you have great attributes, right?

You are unique and you must highlight that to yourself, if you want to get over your ex-girlfriend for real.


Remind yourself every day of how great you are.

Why Reminding Yourself Of Your Greatness Can Help You

Reminding yourself of how great you are will help you to boost your self-esteem.

Consequently, you will find it easier to believe that you can woo and win another woman.

That belief will help you to relax and you will find it easier to enjoy each day.

3.     Practice Loving-Kindness Meditation

Have you ever heard of loving-kindness meditation?


Then let me explain what it is to you.

Loving-kindness meditation is a kind of meditation that helps to induce positive feelings in a person.

Additionally, it helps to strengthen feelings of magnanimity in a person.

You may be wondering,

Well, how can it help me to get over my ex-girlfriend who is dating someone new?

Here’s the deal:

Research done by Fredrickson et. al. in 2008 revealed that doing loving-kindness meditation can increase one’s  love, contentment, hope and other positive emotions.

Want to know the best part?

The Best Part

When you are filled with these emotions

  • you can find it easier to watch your favorite sitcoms without your mind wandering to what your ex-girlfriend is doing;
  • you can find it easier to concentrate on your books when you sit down to study;
  • you can find it easier to concentrate on work in the office; or
  • when you meet your ex- girlfriend at the mall, you will find it easy to say “hi” and walk away without feeling depressed.
  • In short, it can help you to get over your ex-girlfriend for good.
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4.     Change Your Perspective About The Situation

You ruminate a lot about your ex- girlfriend, right?

And you feel that the break up is a negative thing, right?

And no doubt, it’s hard to distract yourself and focus on your life.

You know why you are ruminating about her so often? It’s because you are thinking about what you are missing out on.

There is a trick you can use to make it easier for you to distract yourself successfully so that you will not think about her so often.

Here’s the trick:

  • View the break up as a chance to discover something positive that you never gave attention to earlier on.
  • Think about what it cost you to maintain your relationship with her.
  • Think about all the money you used to spend on her. Think about what you could have done with all the time you spent at her place.
  • If you look at things objectively, you will see that the relationship cost you in some ways.

This exercise may fill you with a negative emotion such as anger. You may get angry with what you did to yourself.

Subsequently, you may start questioning the way you are reacting to the break up. And that can make it easier for you to focus on the present.

5.      Fight Stress

Feeling stressed or failing to deal with the stress that accompanies the break up can make it harder for you to get over your ex-girlfriend that you still love but who dumped you.


In the world of psychology, there is something they call “contact comfort,” which is caused by stress, and which can contribute to make you long for your ex-girlfriend.

This is how it works:

How “Contact Comfort” Can Make You Miss Your Ex- Girlfriend

When you feel overwhelmed, you are more likely to feel a strong urge to connect with someone.

In other words, you will feel a strong desire to contact her to make you feel comfortable. That will make you miss your ex- girlfriend.

How can you deal with your stress to prevent the longing?

How To Deal With Your Stress

  • Let your sister give you a massage.
  • Watch your favorite American football or basketball team in action.
  • Give yourself treats at your favorite restaurant.
  • Play soccer with your boyfriends.
  • Go to the beach and enjoy yourself.

6.     Spend Time With A Close Friend

Have you been neglecting your best friend from childhood because of your ex-girlfriend?

Have you been avoiding your close female friends because of your ex?

Then this is the time to reconnect.

It can help you to take your mind off the emotional and psychological pain you are experiencing so that you can feel better.

7.     Pray

You may be asking,

Why should I involve God when I want to get over my ex-girlfriend who is dating someone else?

These are some reasons why:

How Praying Can Help

  • As you communicate with God, and as God speaks to you, you will find your sense of self again and you will value yourself again;
  • your relationship with God will help remind you that God still loves you; consequently, you will find it easy to shift your focus from the person who disappointed you, to God;
  • and as you bask in God’s love, you will learn to love again instead of shutting your heart to love because of pain;
  • God will let you see that we hurt Him always yet He forgives us and continues to love us and so you must also act that way.

A Prayer You May Say

So, every day, say a prayer such as this one, “LORD, God of Heaven and Earth, Father of all creation, have mercy on me a sinner. God, I worship You, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient One, the Great God who created all the vast planets and all the living creatures on Earth. Your power is great! No one and nothing can be compared to You, holy, righteous, kind, good, merciful, and gracious God! LORD, I thank You for the gift of life, for the gift of love. I thank You for helping me to experience love with Isaac. However, our relationship ended on a very bad note and I am finding it hard to move on. I am hurting, LORD, but I know You are the comforter who binds up broken hearts and who heals emotional wounds. Please help me to get over my feelings for Isaac so that I can move on. Please help me to remember Your word as I go about my duties today so that I will not think about the pain of yesterday. Please help me to forgive Isaac because that will release me emotionally and help me to start a new relationship. I know You care about me and so I ask You to do this for me so that I will be happy. Through Jesus Christ I pray, Amen.”

Points To Remember

This is how to get over your ex-girlfriend:

  • unfriend her on Facebook;
  • feel good about yourself again;
  • do meditation to induce feelings of goodwill in your heart; and
  • pray.


Now It’s Your Turn!

Do you know any guy who has gotten over his ex-girlfriend?

Share the story with me by leaving a comment!





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103 Premarital Christian Counseling Questions You MUST Ask Her Before Marriage

premarital christian counseling questions
Premarital Christian Counseling Questions


It is very important to ask your beloved certain questions to help you get to know her better so that you can make adjustments and create the kind of rapport that will make your marriage work.

In this article, I want to share some premarital Christian counseling questions with you in that regard.

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  • Would you say you know the opposite sex well? Do you get along well with members of the opposite gender? Why do you say that?
  • Are most of your friends members of your same gender or members of the opposite gender?
  • Did you attend Sunday school as a child? For how long? Did you enjoy it?
  • Would you say you are an introvert or an extrovert?
  • Am I an introvert or an extrovert? What are the characteristics of my kind of personality? What do you know about living with this kind of personality? How do you know one can live with my kind of personality so that there will always be peace?
  • How do you see yourself objectively?
  • Do you think I am a genuine lover? Why?
  • Do you remain calm when things go wrong?
  • What conversation topics do you love most? Why?
  • Would you say I am a good listener? Do I give you the attention you deserve when you want to communicate with me?
  • Would you say I am courteous when we are having conversations?
  • Would you say I appreciate your merits?
  • Am I sensitive to your feelings and opinions?
  • Do you look at the humorous side of perplexity?
  • Can you laugh at yourself when I make a joke about you?
  • Do you worry over spilt milk?
  • Would you say you like people? Will you feel comfortable when my friends visit me often? Do you want me all to yourself?
  • Do you try to be friendly with most of the people that you meet?
  • Do you normally go out of your way to be kind to people?
  • Are you tolerant of your friends’ mannerisms? Do you get angry when a person slurps whilst drinking? Do you get irritated when someone burps whilst eating? Do you get annoyed when someone makes noise with the mouth whilst eating?
  • How will you react when I fart whilst we are in bed? When we are in public?
  • Do you find satisfaction in indoor activities? Outdoor activities?
  • When you face problems, do you shrink back? Do you choose to persevere?
  • Would you say you are a risk taker? A risk averse person? A risk neutral person?
  • Do you try to build your character out of tragedy? Do you make the tragedy overcome you?
  • Do you like to obey laws or you love to flout laws?


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  • How do you revitalize your life? Make a new friend? Move out of town? Sleep in a hotel instead of sleeping at home? Buy a new shirt/dress?
  • Do you appreciate your potential? Are you winner conscious?
  • Would you say you are time conscious? Do you believe in showing love and care today, and not in showing it tomorrow?
  • Before you speak, do you ask yourself, “Is what I am going to say true? Is it kind? Is it necessary? Am I going to say what I am about to say because my feelings have been hurt? Is it based on facts?”
  • Would you say you use time efficiently? Do you have a time management plan?
  • How do you think we can manage ourselves and our time well so that we can spend quality time together often?
  • Do you believe in disciplining kids?
  • What is your attitude towards serving God?
  • Do you consider yourself as affectionate? Are you openhearted, kind, ad thoughtful? Are you emotionally withdrawn? Uncommunicative? Stoical?
  • Are you prayerful? Do you pray consistently?
  • Do you carefully avoid retaliation when you are hurt by others?
  • Do you normally leave any stone unturned in your efforts to try and make peace?
  • Do you try to return good for evil? Do you return evil for evil?
  • Have you been betrayed before? How did you take it? Did you forgive the person who betrayed you?
  • I hope this never happens, but if I should betray you and cheat, can you find it in your heart to forgive me?
  • Have you betrayed a friend before? What were the circumstances?
  • Do you desire to become rich at any cost?
  • Do you believe that godliness with contentment is great gain?
  • Do you have an excessive desire for unnecessary things?
  • If you were given a choice between money and goals such as righteousness, godliness, faith, patience, and meekness, which would you choose? Why?
  • If it happened that I lost my job after we got married, would you still respect me?
  • If in the future you start earning more money than me, will you reduce the level of respect you have for me now? Will you become arrogant? Will you still respect me as the head of the family?
  • How much do you spend on clothes, shoes, jewelry and other accessories in  a month?
  • Would you choose to buy clothes or pay the kids’ school fees when their fees have to be paid but I don’t have money and you have money?
  • Would you ever consider pawning some of your jewelry when I am in financial difficulties and I need your help? Would you choose to keep your jewelry and make me suffer?
  • How much do you spend on makeup in a month?
  • Do you like to look natural or you love to put on makeup? A lot of makeup?
  • What is your idea of a clean home?
  • Would you say I am a clean guy? Do you like how I keep my apartment? My room? What habits, with regards to cleanliness in the home, do you hate about guys?
  • Would you say I show good manners when we interact with other people? If I don’t, how do you think I can improve?



These premarital Christian counseling questions can help you and your girlfriend to assess yourselves and see where you have to do a lot more work so that you can create that dream marriage which will make both of you feel happy.









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Help for Spouses of Addicts: 7 Ways to Help Your Spouse

help for spouses of addicts
get the girl you love


Kofi’s wife is addicted to smoking marijuana and sniffing cocaine and he wants to know how he should manage the situation, as well as what he can do to help his wife overcome the habit.

“When I met her, she was a sweet, humble, loving woman and we had some great times. However, after we got married, she fell into bad company and started taking drugs. I know there is help for spouses of addicts to help them relate to their spouses in ways that can help them to make a positive change in their better-halves. I would appreciate it if I could get some tips to help me deal with the situation because I still love her and I don’t want to divorce her,” Kofi says, with a sad look on his face.

And there is help for spouses of addicts as Kofi indicated. In this article, I want to give you some of that help to help you cope if your wife is taking drugs.

So, what are some of the things you can do?


1.     Remind Yourself Of Your Wedding Vows

Recall the vows you made when you tied the knot and the promises you made to each other to love one another in sickness and in health. Write what you can remember of the vows in your diary or journal and read them often to yourself. It will increase the likelihood that you will be committed to helping your spouse overcome her habit: you are likely to feel a sense of obligation and that can increase the chances that you will support and encourage your spouse to make choices that will help her to beat the habit.


2.     Avoid Criticizing Your Spouse Too Often

Do not grumble and complain about the behavior of your wife or else she may get depressed. Consequently, she may have an excuse to indulge in the habit and so her situation may get worse. Additionally, avoid acting as though you are holy and she is a “dirty” person. Doing that will hurt her feelings and she may seek solace in taking drugs to drown her emotional pain, and that will make it difficult for you to convince her to seek professional help.

Rather, give your spouse emotional support and make her feel that you are a friend. It will make her feel loved and she may consider what she is doing to the marriage, and the ways she is messing up her life, and that can instigate her to reconsider her habit, which may be the turning point in her life: she may make a decision to do something about her addiction and that may increase the likelihood that she may seriously consider seeing a therapist.

Furthermore, supporting your wife and letting her know that despite her addiction you still love her, cherish her, and want the best for her will help her to overcome the shame she may be feeling as a result of what the habit may be doing to her. Consequently, she will start sharing fears and worries with you and that will give you an opportunity to make her realize how bad her habit is affecting your relationship, and the need to see a professional.


3.     Let Your Spouse Know That She Can Always Talk To You

Make your spouse understand that whenever she feels worried about her addiction, or when she needs someone to talk to, or when she feels afraid, she can always turn to you because you will listen. It will help to prevent a situation where she may turn to friends she takes drugs with, or friends who influenced her to start the habit in the first place and who will give her bad advice that can help to perpetuate the habit. When she knows you will listen and not judge her, she will come to you often and as she feels that the emotional connection is still there, chances are that you can convince her to seek help.


4.     Do Not Give Her Unsolicited Advice

Do your best to avoid lecturing her or preaching to her about her habit. When you do that, she may feel that you are judging her and that can help to breed resentment in her heart because she may feel that you think you are better than her. So, she may not connect with you so that you can influence her to stop the habit: she may start to distance herself emotionally and she may spend more time with the people who influence her to take the drugs.


5.     Remain Calm When You Are Talking To Her

You can become charged with negative emotions sometimes when you are communicating with your wife because she may say things under the influence of the drugs that will anger you. However, avoid shouting or screaming at her when she annoys you or when she tries to start an argument. To help you do that, remind yourself of the times when she was great to you, when she showed a lot of love to you and made you happy, and it will make you have empathy for her.


6.     Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

There are several benefits you can get when you work on your emotional intelligence, including the fact that it will help you empathize better with your wife. Consequently, you will avoid behaviors that will trigger fights, your wife will feel more comfortable to relate to you, and that can increase the likelihood that she will listen to you when you advice her to go to a rehab center.

You can use some of these tips to enhance your emotional intelligence.


7.     Let Her Spend Company With Women Who Have Also Kicked The Habit

Invite women who have also been addicted to drugs before , but who have successfully kicked the habit, and who are now living happy, fruitful lives, to your house often so that they can establish a friendship with your wife.

When they share their stories with your wife and let her see that taking drugs messes someone up, and

when they share how their lives have been transformed since they stopped taking drugs, and how they are enjoying life now, it is likely to make an impression on your wife and she may seriously reconsider what she is doing to herself.



In this article about help for spouses of drugs addicts, I have given you tips that can help you to relate well to your wife so that you can get her to change her behavior. Run with these tips and you are likely to see positive changes in the life of your wife, as well as in the marriage.


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6 Excellent Ways to Start Talking to Someone On a Dating Site

how to start talking to someone on a dating site
how to start talking to someone on a dating site


Kwabena Sakyi has recently completed his profile on one of the free online dating sites on the internet and he wants to know how he can engage a woman he wants to date. “I want to know how I can start talking to someone on a dating site: I have seen this gorgeous woman  and I don’t want to botch things up by saying  the wrong things or giving her a wrong impression of who I am. What should I say when I send her the first message? What should I write so that I can grab her attention?” Kwabena asks, with a smile on his face.

In this article, I want to show you some of the things you must say when you start talking to someone on a dating site so that he or she will become interested in you.

These are the secrets.

1.     Start With Something Very Simple

Start by sending the woman a very short message. In this message, ask her how she is doing so that she will reckon that you are a caring guy and that can increase the likelihood that she will want to be your friend.

So, you may write something such as, “Hello, sweetheart! How is life treating you?” or “Hi! What are you doing at the moment?” or “What’s up?” or “Want to chat?”: they are all good ways you can start talking to someone on a dating site.

Starting this way will help you to get rid of your nerves, if you feel nervous. Additionally, it will make it easy for her to read the message, as well as captivate her, and she may decide to find out who this guy is who gathered courage to send her a message.


2.     Let Her See That You Are An Intriguing Guy

After she responds, show her that you are a creative guy. It will make her feel that you can come up with different ideas to maintain fun and excitement in the friendship and that may motivate her to respond to your message so that she can have an enthralling life.

So, you may write something such as this, “Ever ridden on the back of crocodiles before? I imagine that is beyond your wildest dreams! But I have done it a number of times at the Paga crocodile pond. I sat on a crocodile for 5 minutes. And I can assure you it’s no joke! And that’s not all. I visited the Mole National Park and went hunting in the dead of the night. It was so eerie. And guess where I am off to next week?”


3.     Praise Her

Every woman wants to be praised by a man and you will receive a thumbs up from her if you say something nice about her profile photo, or if you say something nice about what she has written in her profile.

So, scrutinize her photo and say something that will make her feel that you like her. For example, if she uploads a picture in which she is sitting in her room, you may write something such as this, “I see your room is very well kept. I believe you are a very neat and organized woman. That is the kind of woman I like to hang out with. Keep it up.”

If you like the dress she is wearing, you may say something such as this, “That dress you were wearing when you took that picture is first class. And I must say it looks great on you. You should consider wearing it often for it really makes you look attractive.”


4.     Look  For Common Ground

Carefully browse the woman’s profile description and look for interests that both of you share. This can  help you to catch her attention quickly because you will be able to raise a topic for discussion that she may be passionate about. And when you send her a question that asks about something that she likes doing, she will feel that she is likely to engage in exciting conversations with you since both of you will find it easy to be on the same page: she will feel that you can build rapport quickly, and that may influence her to respond to your message.

So, for example, if after going through her profile you see that she loves soccer, and you also love soccer, you may ask her a question such as, “I have been arguing with guys about this: was Pele a better footballer than Maradona, or is Cristiano Ronaldo a better footballer than Lionel Messi? I want to know your views.” Asking her a question based on your common interests will start an interesting interaction which will help both of you to bond.

5.  Ask Her  A Personal Question

Studies have shown that when one makes people talk about themselves, it makes them like you. Therefore, if you can make the woman share something personal about her life with you, she will feel a connection and that can increase the chances that she may start a relationship with you.

So, you may ask her things such as, “What is the funniest thing you did when you were in junior high school?” or “Tell me about your brothers,” or “What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you since you were born?” or “What do you normally do when you close from work?” or “How do you spend your weekends?”


6.     Show That You Have A Sense Of Humor

Research has shown that women like guys who can make them laugh: when you exhibit a sense of humor, it will tell the woman that you can entertain her and make her forget about some of her worries and she will be curious to know more about to you.

So, craft a nice joke and deliver it to her and she will stop for a moment and say to herself, “This guy seems interesting. Let me see where this can lead to.”



This is how to start talking to someone on a dating site: keep it simple at first. And then try to come across as a fun-loving guy, praise her, elicit personal information from her, and let her see that you have a good sense of humor.


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