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7 Intelligent Ways to Make a Girl Fall in Love With You

make girl fall in love with you
make a girl fall in love with you



How can you make a girl fall in love with you? What are some strategies you can use to make a girl fall madly in love with you? What are things you can do to make a girl fall in love with you fast? And what are some foolproof ways to make a girl fall in love with you?

In this article, I want to share with you some simple steps and tricks that will make a girl fall deeply in love with you so that you can have a great relationship.

Now, what should you do?


1.     Look Into Her Eyes Often

One of the strategies that you can use to make a girl fall in love with you in school is to look into her eyes often. Whenever you are around her, or when you bump into her in the library or in class, ensure that you make eye contact with her. Then smile sweetly into her face.

When you do that, you will tell her that you like her a lot and that can make her start liking you too because she will feel that you are a friendly guy who will enrich her life when she associates with you. Additionally, research shows that we tend to grow to like people who like us. And when she starts liking you, those feelings can develop into love when you entertain her and make her feel happy.


2.     Let Her Know That You Exist

If you want to make her fall in love with you, show her that you care about people. Studies show that women like guys who are compassionate and friendly. So, do something that will make the girl feel that you are a unique, exciting, loving guy with a great personality.

Let her see you doing things that show that you care a lot about people. It will give her the message that you are a tender, loving, caring guy who will treat her like a queen when she becomes your friend or when she gets to know you better, or if she  gives her heart to you and that may make her develop feelings for you.

Therefore, let her see that there is far more to you than what she knows and she will be intrigued and desire to know you more. Moreover, it will impress her and she will want to find out what else is in that good heart of yours, which will make her draw close to you and you will have the opportunity to show love and care to her which can induce affection for you in her.


3.     Exhibit A Sense Of Humor

Research shows that women are attracted to guys who can make them laugh. When you are able to make her split her sides with laughter, when you can help her to smile and laugh when she is down, she will reckon that you are great fun and a friend indeed.

Moreover, as you make her laugh, you will strengthen the camaraderie and rapport between the two of you, you will feel a strong connection as time goes on, you will bond better, and she can develop deep love feelings for you as a result.

Additionally, exhibiting a good sense of humor will make her feel that you are a very intelligent guy—girls like to have relationships with guys who they feel are smart.


4.     Emphasize Your Similarities

People tend to fall in love with others who have the same characteristics that they have. When you let the girl see that you share similar characteristics, she will feel that she will be compatible with you when she develops a closer relationship with you.

Additionally, she will feel that she is more likely to feel satisfied in the relationship if she gives her heart to you.

Furthermore, she will think that she is likely to be happy with you because you will understand each other which will help both of you to bond well, and that can make her more willing to open up her heart to you without reservation.

So, for example, if she is very God- fearing and you also love God, direct conversations you have with her in the direction of religion and spirituality and that will make her feel that you share something in common which will bind both of you together so that you can have a long, lasting relationship, and it will make her feel comfortable to be with you.

Or, if she loves soccer and you also love watching soccer, invite her to play soccer with you sometimes, take her to see soccer games, or buy the jersey of her favorite soccer team for her and she will feel a connection, which may cause her to develop affectionate feelings for you.


5.     Let Her See That You Can Meet Her Needs

When a girl is looking for a partner, she looks for a guy who has the opposite of her weaknesses so that he can complement her and make her feel whole when she is with him.

For example, if a girl is not so smart, she may look for a guy who is smart and who can help her with her studies. Or, if she is a diffident girl, she is likely to fall for a guy who is very confident and who can serve as her “backbone when she starts a relationship with him.

So, if the girl lacks self-esteem, show extreme self- confidence and it can help to induce feelings of love for you in her because she will feel that you will protect her from guys and she will also feel that you will support her emotionally and give her direction to help her succeed in life—it will make her see that you have what she needs to make her a complete person and she will fall for you because of that.


6.     Listen To Her

Studies carried out by the University of Nevada and the University of Washington has revealed that listening to someone can make the person fall in love with you.

When you listen with rapt attention whilst she is talking to you, when you listen with a sympathetic ear when she is telling you her problems, it will make her see that you care deeply about her. Additionally, it will make her feel  that you want the best for her and that can induce feelings of gratitude in her, which can grow later and become feelings of love.


7.     Pray About It

God is the God of love. It is He who instituted relationships. And He wants you to involve Him in your romantic relationships so that He can teach you to love the way He loves us with steadfast love.

So, pray about it. You may pray a prayer such as this one: “Dear God, please be merciful to me a sinner. I accept my faults and my sins and I ask for forgiveness. LORD, I worship You and praise You that You have given me life to see this day. Glory be to Holy Name for Your mercies and Your grace. LORD, You tell us to love one another because love comes from You. I am attracted to Yaa and I want her to fall in love with me so that we can have  a relationship, so that we can get to know ourselves better. Please touch her heart and let her develop feelings for me just as Michal fell in love with David in the Bible. You turn the king’s heart in Your favor, LORD. Please stir her emotions and her spirit and let her develop feelings for me. Amen.”



To make a girl fall in love with you, make sure that you make eye contact with her every time you meet her, let her see that you are a caring guy who will treat her as a special girl when she develops a close relationship with you, make her laugh often, let her see that you share similarities which will help you to bond as a couple, let her see that you have what she lacks, and listen to her when she communicates with you.


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5 Smart Ways to Start a Text Conversation With a Girl

start a text conversation with a girl
start a text conversation with a girl

How do you start a conversation with a girl you don’t know? How do you start a text conversation with a girl you just met? How do you start a conversation with a girl you know but whom you are not close to? How do you start a text conversation with a girl in high school? Or, what are some of the strategies you can use to start a text conversation with a girl you barely know?

In this article, I want to show you how to start a text conversation with a girl, and I am talking about the kind of conversation starters which will guarantee a response from her, so that you can start a friendship.

So, what strategies can you use?


1.     Ask Her An Open-Ended Question Instead Of Saying “Hi” Or “Hello”

One strategy you can use to start a conversation with a girl you like is to ask her an open-ended question. Many girls have heard “hi” and “hello” so often that they are turned off when they see those two words. Therefore, to appear interesting and to increase the chances that she will respond to your text, ask her a probing question that she will find hard to reply to. That will help to build rapport so that you can kick-start a friendship.

For example, you may ask, “Beautiful, what are you doing at the moment?” or “What kind of sports do you like?” or “What type of music do you love listening to? Why?” or “You are very beautiful, but why do you avoid guys?” or “Who are you? I mean, I think you are a great girl and I want to know more about you…”

When she responds, ask her another open-ended question and continue with this strategy and the conversation will flow.


2.     Give Her A Compliment

Another strategy you can use to start a conversation with a girl by text is to let her feel that you appreciate who she is.

You need to be creative when you are complimenting a girl through text message because she may have received a lot of compliments from other guys who may be interested in her.

How? A girl a guy approaches to compliment when they are in school or in class will feel special and flattered because it  is possible that no guy may have approached her to tell her that she is beautiful. However, when it comes to text messages, many guys, even shy guys who may be afraid of talking to her face-to-face, can easily gather courage to send text messages to girls. As a result, she may have received lots of compliments.

So, remind yourself of how she looks and any features or characteristics that set her apart from all other girls, such as her hair-color, her smile, the way she walks, the way she relates to others in her class and so on, and give her an original, unique compliment that no other guy can give to her apart from you.

You may say something such as, “Queen, I saw you walking from class to the library yesterday and I must say I loved the way you moved your body. I also think you have the best smile in the whole wide world—only you can produce that wonderful smile.”


3.     Let Her Know That You Have Interests In Common

Talk about some of the things which you love doing, and which you know she loves doing too. For example, if you love watching soccer, ask her about her impressions of an exciting match you watched recently. You may ask, “What do you think of Accra Great Olympics’ 2-0 win over Kumasi Asante Kotoko?” Or, if you love music, you may ask, “I listened to Don Moen’s latest album and I must say the songs on it are so soul-inspiring. What do you think about his latest album?”

When you let the girl know that you also love what she likes, she will know that you can have very interesting conversations in the future and that will give her a reason to respond—she may feel motivate to reply to your message.


4.     Use These Words In Your Early Texts

Using certain words can increase the chances that the girl will respond to your text. Words such as, “I am outgoing…”, “I am fun to be with…”, “I am an optimistic guy…”, “I am intelligent…”, “I am understanding…”, “I am caring…” will make the girl feel that she can have a loving and interesting relationship with you and that may make her more willing to respond to your text.


5.     Share A Joke With Her

One strategy you can use to start a conversation with a girl is to send her something funny, share a funny story about yourself, or say something that will make her laugh.

Using this strategy will make her see that she will have a lot of fun with you if she replies to the message, or it may make her like you and that may motivate her to send you a message so that you can start a friendship.

Additionally, sharing a joke will rouse curiosity and make her feel that you are an intriguing guy, which is one of the things most ladies like about guys.



To start a text conversation with a girl, ask her an open-ended question which she will find irresistible to answer. Additionally, let her feel special, let her know that both of you share common interests, use certain words which will make her feel that she can have a loving friendship with you, and use humor to make her know that you can help to lighten her day when she is down and she will be more willing to respond to your text.




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6 Smart Ways to Start a Conversation With a Woman

make your relationship last forever
how to make your relationship last forever


How do you start a conversation with a woman at the gym? How do you start a conversation with an attractive or beautiful woman? How do you start a conversation with a woman you don’t know? How do you start a conversation with a woman you like but whom you are not very friendly with? What are some of the things you can do to start a conversation with a woman for the first time? Or, how do you have an emotional or fun conversation with a woman?

In this article, I want to show you how to start a conversation with a woman so that you can build rapport with her and make her your friend.

Now, what strategies can you use?


1.    Approach Her With Confidence

Walk towards her with your shoulders straight, with a straight gait, and with a smile on your face. Women generally like confident guys and she is likely to be receptive if you show that you are a bold guy who believes in himself.

Additionally, the smile will make you look friendly and nice and it will make her feel that you will be easy to relate to, which may influence her to listen to whatever you will say to her.

Furthermore, try to compose yourself and be cool, calm, collected. After greeting her, pause for about 10 seconds before you say anything to her. It will make her wonder what you are going to say next, you will create suspense in her mind, which will make you seem intriguing and interesting, and she would want to hear what you want to say to her so you will get her full attention when you start speaking.


2.    Let Her Know That There Is A Time Constraint

Many women do not want to feel trapped in an awkward conversation with a guy she may not know too well. However, you can make her put her mind at rest so that she will be willing to open up or you can make her feel comfortable so that she will feel inclined to act in a friendly manner, if you let her know that the conversation will not take too long.

Accordingly, you may say something such as, “I was on my way to see this friend of mine when I saw you. Before I go to see him, I want to find out from you…” She will feel that the conversation will end in no time and that can make her feel relaxed to engage you in a friendly conversation.


3.    Compliment Her

Most women love to be appreciated for their beauty, sense of fashion, their attractive body, the way they speak, the way they walk, or for their character.

Therefore, you may start a conversation with a woman by appreciating her for her personality or for how she looks. It will make her spirit swell and, consequently, positive feelings will be generated in her body and she may desire to say or do something good for you in return and that will increase her capacity for relating, which will make her willing to respond when you ask her questions.

Additionally, complimenting her will make her feel connected to you, she may feel that you like her, and she may want to explore the possibility of developing a close relationship with you.

So, you may say something such as this to her, “Hello! Wow! What a great dress you have on! It makes you look exquisitely immaculate. And I saw the way you walked into the room? You’ve got some great moves! But I must say your beauty far surpasses the beauty of your clothes! Trust me you look terrific! By the way, I am Isaac…”


4.    Ask Her Open Ended Questions

These kinds of questions require some amount of elaboration and so they will make her talk at length, which will give you an opportunity to get a lot of information from what she says which you can use to ask her follow up questions so that you can prolong the conversation.

Open- ended questions begin with “Why?” “Where?” “How?” “What?” “When ?” or “Who?”

Here are a few questions you may ask to start a conversation with a woman:

  • Where do you come from?
  • What do you do after school (work)?
  • How do you spend your leisure time?
  • What fun thing did you do last weekend?
  • Who is your favorite movie star/soccer star/fashion model/musician?
  • When you are happy/sad, how do you express it?
  • When do you like watching movies/having a conversation, reading books?
  • Why did you choose to wear the dress you are wearing?
  • Why did you do that hairstyle on your head?

Additionally, you may ask her these questions so that she can feel emotionally connected, which will make her feel more friendly and receptive.


5.    Encourage Her To Talk About Herself

When you ask her questions about her personal life, aspirations, dreams for the future, what her family is like, what makes her happy or sad and so on, it will make her happy that you are interested in her life and that may make her like you and so she will be willing to open up to talk to you.


6.     Be A Good Listener

Do not bombard her with questions, but ask a few questions and allow her to express herself. Whilst she is talking, listen with rapt attention, take note of interesting points she makes and ask her to tell you more about the things that intrigue you—a study has found that when you listen to someone and you try to find out more about what the person says, it can make that person like you.



To start a conversation with a woman, show her that you are a confident guy, let her feel that she will not engage in the conversation for a very long time and that there is a way of escape, compliment her for her physical looks or her character, ask her open-ended questions, let her talk about herself, and ask her to tell you more when she says something that you find interesting.



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8 Great Ways to Make Your Relationship Last Forever

make your relationship last forever
how to make your relationship last forever



How can you make your relationship last? What are some things you must do if you want to make a relationship with your girlfriend last a lifetime? What are some strategies you can use to make a relationship last until marriage? And what are some ways to help your relationship to grow so that you can love each other better?

In this article, I will show you how to make your relationship last forever so that you can enjoy your girlfriend until you marry and, subsequently, until death parts you.

Now, make your relationship last with these 8 tips.

1.    Assume You Are Starting Your Relationship Afresh At The Beginning Of Every Month

At the end of every month, see your relationship as one that has expired and which needs renewal. Assume that in the next month you will be starting afresh with your girlfriend. Make plans to relate to her as though you had just met her by coming up with plans to keep the relationship exciting.

When you adopt this attitude, you will endeavor to keep the relationship interesting and intriguing every month. Consequently, your relationship will never become stale—you will be able to keep it exciting and entertaining always and that will make your girlfriend happy and she will be content to stay with you.


2.    Think Good Thoughts About Your Girlfriend Often

One of the secrets behind relationships that last is that the partners in those relationships focus on the good points of their partners.

So, do your best to focus on the positive qualities of your girlfriend, and the good things she does for you. When you do this, love feelings will come into your heart, you will always feel tender and affectionate towards her, which will help you to maintain the good will you have for her. As a result, the relationship bond will continue to be strong.

On the other hand, when you focus on the weaknesses and faults of your girlfriend, ill feelings will come into your heart, you may easily get irritated with her when she does something you don’t understand or when you have disagreements, and that can corrode the love between the two of you.


3.    Do Challenging Activities With Her Often

One exciting way of making your love last is to do things that will build your capacity to work as a co-operative couple. To do this, at the end of every week or once a month, engage in an activity that will test your endurance as a couple, as well as help you to work as a team.

For example, run together for a distance of 10 miles, go hiking over rough terrain in a forest, climb rocks together, or swim together. As you spend time with each other, you will get to understand your girlfriend better, you will understand how you can make her love you better and how to influence her to please you, and you will also get to know how to show her strong love and that can help you to relate to her in loving ways which will make her happy.

Furthermore, you will learn how to co-operate to solve problems and that will help you to resolve conflicts in your relationship better so that the stability of the relationship can be maintained. Additionally, it will give you time to interact, which will help you to strengthen your emotional bond. Consequently, your love for your girlfriend will grow.


4.    Have A Passion For Life

Men who live every day as though it is the last day of their life, who enjoy a day with enthusiasm, passion, and liveliness tend to carry that same passion and zest into their love lives.

When you enjoy each day and show that you are happy to be alive to see that day, it will fill you with positive energy, which will put you in a positive mood that can make you to relate to your girlfriend in loving ways. Consequently, you will be able to create a loving environment in which your girlfriend will feel content and appreciated and she will be happy to remain in the relationship.


5.    Maintain Positive Illusions About Your Girlfriend

According to a study conducted by the University of Geneva, when you continue to maintain positive illusions about your partner—when you continue to remind yourself every day that your girlfriend is the most beautiful girl in the world, when you remind yourself often that you think she is intelligent, when you remember that she is loving, caring, understanding and a great companion—you will continue to be happy with her, you will always feel good when you see her, and that can help you to continue feeling connected to her.


6.    Do New Things With Her Often

Boredom is one thing that kills relationships—when you don’t entertain your girlfriend well, or when you allow the relationship to get to the point where she will feel bored, she can get apathetic and seek excitement with another guy and that can spell doom for your relationship.

However, when you try new activities with her often, when you take her to places she has never visited before, when you do things with her which will help you to see another perspective of your relationship, when you engage in activities which will make her reveal sides to her personality you never knew, you will appreciate her better and that will make you treat her like a queen always.

Additionally, such activities will help to reignite the passion and love in the relationship again to keep it exciting.


7.    Maintain Trust And Honesty

One thing that destroys romantic relationships is the failure of some men to maintain the trust in a relationship—they do not communicate openly with their girlfriends, which leads to mistrust and disharmony.

Additionally, some men undermine a relationship with too many lies and they also fail to fulfill and honor promises they make to their girlfriends.

However, when you ensure that the channels of communication are always open, when you do your best to tell your girlfriend the truth always, when you keep your promises to your girlfriend, when you are worthy of trust, she will give you all the love in her heart, she will be willing to please you all the time and that can make your relationship grow stronger.


8.    Maintain Good Communication With Her

Spend at least 10 minutes each day discussing personal and emotional issues so that you can connect on a deeper emotional level, which will make your love for your girlfriend grow.

Furthermore, avoid keeping maltreatments by your girlfriend to yourself because it can breed resentment and discontent, which can weaken the stability of the relationship. Rather, talk to her openly about your concerns, and let her know when you are disappointed with her so that she can work on her weaknesses.

Use these strategies, and these techniques too, to maintain good communication to ensure there are no misunderstandings which can breed mistrust and resentment.



To make your relationship last forever, enter each month as though you are starting your relationship afresh, focus on the positive character of your girlfriend, do activities together that will help you to think as a team, be enthusiastic about life every day, do exciting things from time to time, and maintain  good communication always.


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8 Smart Ways to Sustain Your Long Distance Relationship

How to Sustain Your Long Distance Relationship: Be Committed to the Relationship

hubpix4                                                                Source: Dreamstime

You Can Sustain Your Long Distance Relationship

Kofi lives in Ghana, a country found on the African continent. His girlfriend, Eunice, lives in England. They have been in a long-distance relationship for three years now. So far, their relationship has progressed smoothly and both of them are happy, still love each other, and know it will end in a happy marriage.

How have they sustained their long-distance relationship up till now?

Making a long distance relationship work can be very challenging because both of you are not located at the same place. However, you can overcome the obstacles and make it succeed if you adopt the right approach.

Below, I want to share a few long distance relationship ideas with you which will help you  solve some of your long distance relationship questions, and to help you sustain your long distance relationship.

So, what can you do to sustain your long distance relationship?

1.     Long Distance Relationship Communication Must Be Frequent

Communication is one of the essential ingredients of any relationship—it  helps one to express his feelings and desires, to make open issues he or she is not happy about so that they can be resolved, and also aids in showing signs of affection which acts as a fuel to drive the relationship smoothly.

Communication is extremely important in a long distance relationship because it may not be possible for you to see each other in the flesh frequently. In addition, human beings tend to forget people they do not hear from regularly, or who they do not have the time to talk to or contact.

You should therefore agree to contact each other every day or every other day. The two of you should decide on a particular time of a day when it will be convenient for you talk, and resolve to show commitment to meeting that obligation. Make sure you discipline yourself  and cut off whatever you are doing to make that call when the appointed time arrives; do not let that time pass and give excuses which may make your partner think that you do not care about the relationship anymore. This will result in the long distance relationship weakening. If you will not be available at the time you both agree to connect, let your lover know in advance, and offer an alternate time so that you can make up for the time you missed.

Communicating frequently will help you to know what is happening in the life of your lover, and to know what to do to offer support at any time. For example if you know he is going through great times and is happy, you can decide to by a gift for him to show your love. If he is going through sorrow or pain, then when you call, your focus will be on offering words of encouragement and comfort.

2.     Use Technology

In today’s world of technological advancement, long distance relationship problems, such as communicating across great distances, has been made easier.

There are many  ways you can keep in touch with your loved one:

  • You can make a Skype video call so that you will see each other. When you see the person, it will make you feel your lover is close and connected, which will give you some moments of joy.
  • Send each other pictures, cards, and emoticons through social media to make your lover know you still care about them, and are thinking about them. Knowing what you are up to will sustain their interest in you and keep the long distance relationship going.

3.     Visit Regularly

One of the long distance relationship activities you should engage in is to try to make sacrifices of time and money to visit  each other whenever the opportunity avails itself. This will offer you the opportunity to understand the body language of your partner, to understand the way the person thinks, afford you time to talk about things you may not feel too comfortable talking about on the phone or computer, and give you the opportunity to meet some of his friends and family.

Visiting will give you an opportunity to judge your lover’s character better, get to know his interests and dislikes, so that you can come up with strategies to please him. For example, you can do research about his likes and include them in your  long distance relationship conversation topics.

When you visit your lover, you can take the opportunity to also gauge whether the person is the right person for you.

Use this time too  to assess the relationship, talk about how far you have come, discuss what you both want for the relationship, discuss long distance relationship problems you are both facing, and make plans for the future if you feel you are right for each other, and see  long-term prospects for the romantic relationship.

4.     Deal With Long Distance Relationship Depression

Because you are separated from your lover, you can develop long distance relationship anxiety—sometimes  your imagination can run wild and make you think all sorts of uncomplimentary thoughts about your lover, especially if he has cheated on you before, or given you reason not to trust him or her.

Therefore it is important that you learn to control your mind and prevent it from worrying about where your lover is, what he is doing at any given moment, who he is with, and other concerns like these.

If you have such thoughts regularly about your partner, it shows you are feeling insecure about the relationship, and you have to deal with any issues you think can negatively affect the relationship, and also work on your self-esteem.

To check this problem:

  1. Trust your lover and give him the benefit of the doubt. If there are any trust issues, meet and discuss them.
  2. Recognize your lover also has a life of his own and must be given the room to be an individual separate from you.
  3. Occupy our mind—read, or watch a comedy movie, or visit friends and talk so that your mind will not have the freedom to roam into dangerous territory.
  4. Do not listen to gossip.
  5. Be confident about the relationship and believe it will work out.
  6. Read a long distance relationship story, learn how it survived, and apply the lessons you learn to your relationship.
  7. Send long distance relationship text messages to your lover to tell him or her you trust them. It will inspire them to want to remain true to you.
  8. Talk to someone with long distance relationship experience and ask for advice on how to deal with your feelings.

5.     Be Committed to the Relationship

Without commitment, there is no way this relationship can stand because it takes a lot of guts to remain true to someone you have not seen before, or who is not near you to give you physical affection when you need it.

You must make up your mind that you are going to make the relationship succeed. One way you can do this is to remind yourself of your partner constantly by looking at the pictures of your partner often. Also, record videos of yourself  doing some interesting things and send it to your partner. Let him or her also send you a video recording of some exciting activities that they have engaged in. When you feel lonely, you are aching for him or her, and you do not have the time to call or text, just watch the video of your partner. It will give you a connection, refresh your feelings you have for him or her, and want you to stay committed to the relationship.

In addition you can make your long distance relationship  work  by:
1.  Putting time and energy into it.

  1. Seriously resolving any conflicts that crop up.
  2. Keeping your heart for your partner by deciding to love only him or her, and refusing other romantic offers that will come from people of the opposite sex around you (who may be attracted to you and want to have a romantic relationship with you).
  3. Trying to constantly think about your lover even if you cannot communicate regularly.


Temptation to be unfaithful to your lover is one thing that can weaken your commitment to the relationship.

Do your best not to deliberately put yourself into a threatening situation and doing it recklessly and needlessly because your lover is not around. If you are reckless, your long distance relationship can break up.

On the other hand too, you will be tempted to be unfaithful to your lover—it is something you cannot run away from.  The great and uplifting truth about temptation is that it is not meant to make us bad, but to make us good. It is not meant to weaken us, but to make us emerge stronger from the ordeal.

So how do you deal with the temptations that may come your way?

  • See it as a test to help you prove your love for your partner.
  • Realize that you may not be tempted only once; many temptations may come your way, and you must prepare your mind to resist all of them, and to persevere in your desire to remain true to your lover.
  • Know that you will never be beyond temptation; do not feel too overconfident in your ability to resist temptation. For example if you are a woman and a man asks you out, do not think that you are so faithful to your long-distance lover and so even if you see another man, you can control your emotions and prevent yourself from developing feelings for him. Whenever someone else asks you out, politely refuse.
  • Determine and make up your mind not to compromise on your feelings for your long-distance relationship lover, and to remain true to him or her.

6.     Watch the Way You Socialize

You will need to be careful about the friends you make, and the social activities you engage in. For example, if your friends pass negative comments about long distance relationships, or create doubts in your mind regularly by telling you their distrust of long-distance relationships, it may affect you and make you start worrying about whether your relationship is safe or not, and as a result you may become disturbed  mentally, start distrusting your lover, ask questions which may tell him you are getting suspicious of him or her, and this may  cause tension between you and your lover. As a result, your commitment to the relationship, and your love for your partner can reduce, and cause a weakening of the relationship bond.


One of the long distance relationship difficulties is that you cannot go for parties with your lover. If you like going for parties, you may have to be selective about the parties you attend. This is to avoid a situation in which you may meet a person you will be attracted to, or to prevent yourself from doing something silly, for example getting drunk and sleeping with someone other than your partner, which could cause you guilt. If you know a party will be wild, and probably be full of promiscuity, avoid it.

Go to parties with friends of your same sex, and try to stick to members of your sex throughout the party. For example if you are a female, go to  parties with female friends, and do your best to socialize with mostly females at these parties. This will prevent you from getting close to the males, and protect you from a situation where a male may be interested in you and ask you for a date.

7.      Long Distance Relationship Devices

You can also use technology to connect emotionally when you miss your lover, and want to feel close to him or her. Get the thermal hug belt which stimulates the sensation of a hug by warming up certain parts of your body. Agree to use it whilst you are making a video call, or chatting on Facebook. Both of you should agree to put them on at the same time; it will make you feel connected, feel you are hugging your lover, and remind you that you still love your lover, and your lover loves you.

The LumiTouch, which consists of two interactive picture frames, is another piece of technology you can use to maintain your love. Let it help you to keep your lover in your thoughts, to create romantic thoughts about your lover, and make you continue to have feelings for him or her.

8.     Pray

God is Omnipresent, which means He is everywhere. When you pray to Him and ask Him to look after your lover for you, and to keep him or her from temptation so that they will  remain true to you, God will do it for you.

In addition, you can ask Him  to keep you in the mind and thoughts of your lover, and He will do it for you if you believe—this  will make your partner think about you often, and want to make the relationship succeed.

A long distance relationship Christian must involve God in the relationship, and know that God will help him.


If you feel your long distance relationship you are having is with your soul mate, and you know you are in love, put in the effort needed to sustain it, and you will be happy in the end.