11 Smart Things You Can Do to Make A Girl Fall In Love With You

How to Make a Girl Fall in Love With You: Show Brotherly Affection


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How do you make a girl fall in love with you? I want to show you ways you can make a girl fall madly and deeply in love with you and have a romantic relationship with you.

So, how do you make a girl want you?

1. Show Brotherly Affection

If you want to make a girl  fall in love with you fast, see yourself as the girl’s brother and show her the same kind of love you show to your sisters (if you have sisters), or the love you show to your nieces, or female cousins. Treat her the same way you would treat her if she were your sister, and it will make a girl fall in love with you madly.

Love  her as you would love yourself. You cherish  and nourish yourself. In that same way, cherish and nourish her. Treat her the same way you want to be treated by her. She is more likely to fall in love with you and to reciprocate your love when you show her this kind of love because she will feel a security in your love, knowing you will cherish her when she agrees to give you her heart.

2. Give Her Gifts

One strategy you can use to make a girl fall in love with you is to give her thoughtful gifts from time to time.

Why do we present gifts to people? Some of the reasons may include appreciation, to enhance your romantic relationship (to show a girl you love her), to show the girl that the relationship you have with her is important to you, or to congratulate her for something she may have done for you, or to wish her well. It always advisable that you should be careful when you are choosing a gift for a girl you are interested in.

Many men have presented gifts which have turned out to be grossly inappropriate and have led to tension in their romantic relationships. Routine, careless, or improper gift-giving could harm your chances of entering into a romantic relationship with a girl, or inducing a girl to fall in love with you.

What Gift Should I Give Her?

Sometimes difficulties arise when you have to choose a gift for a girl you are interested in and want to have a relationship with. If you give a girl a gift she appreciates, she can like you because she will feel you care about her, and those feelings can later grow and develop into romantic feelings for you.

But how do you get to know the kind of gift that the girl you are interested in will appreciate? You have to do some work. You have to do a little research. You also have to do some planning. In most cases, you have to take the girl’s interests, hobbies and other personal information that may come through the conversations you have with her into consideration. A person’s surroundings, such as her office, home, or room may give you an indication of what she likes and does not like.

To buy the gift for the girl to show your love:

  1. Take into account your affection for her.
  2. Consider your pocket.

What is it that will show her that you care about her, and that you are interested in having a relationship with her? Remember that normally cards with love messages or  teddy bears with love messages are appreciated.

You can also give her other every day gifts bearing in mind how close you are to her, and how personal your relationship with her is. The type of gift you will give to her on her birthday, for example, is largely dependent on how close you are to her. Giving her a card with the right wording will always give a girl great pleasure. Sending her a card is simply telling her that you care about her and are thinking about her.

The Type Of Gift

The gift does not have to be too expensive or the girl may think you are not prudent when it comes to the managing of finances. It must also not be too personal, for example buying her a set of female underwear may give her wrong ideas about what you want from her. A guy who has not so much as sat down to have a drink with the girl is presenting an inappropriate gift if he gives her underwear. The gift you give her should not have sexual or bribery connotations.


Flowers are also good gifts to give to a girl to show her that you are interested in her. Flowers always brighten a person’s day. Wrap it up attractively to give her the impression that you are a diligent, responsible, and caring man who pays attention to detail, because women pay attention to detail and love men who do the same.

Gift giving should be pleasurable both to you and to the girl; it can make a way for you into her heart, or cement the relationship if you are friends already. The only warning is that what you give her should not be offensive to her. Therefore you must be careful in your choice. A well thought out, well timed, and well researched gift, well wrapped in attractive wrapping paper, and presented with a small gift card will induce the girl to improve her appreciation of you, have more regard for you, and induce feelings for you, which may grow into love.

Remember that love never calculates; love never thinks how little it can decently give; love’s one desire is to give to the uttermost limits, and when it has given all it has to give, still think the gift is too little; let this principle guide you when you are giving her gifts.

 3. Warm Yourself Into Her Heart

A wonderful way to get a girl to fall in love with you is to gradually become closer to her. You can get close to her when you get to know her personality. Then after that, appreciate her personality. For  example if you get to know she has a good sense of humor, after she cracks a funny joke, tell her how funny the joke is. Tell her how you like the joke, and how you like her for being so funny.

When you learn her personality and appreciate it, she will appreciate your interest in her personality, she will also grow to like you, and her affection for may grow when she sees that you enjoy her personality. This affection can develop into love with time if you maintain constant contact. This is one way to please a girl and make her fall in love with you.

4. Open Your Ears to Her

The ability to suspend activities you may be engaging in, or to sacrifice some of your time to listen to the concerns of  a girl, is a great tool you can use to make a girl fall in love with you. Every girl has issues and wants a sympathetic ear; a person who will give her most of his time and attention  so that she can pour her fears, dreams, and hopes into that person.

When you are willing to listen to a girl’s concerns, which show her that you care about her, she will grow to appreciate your caring attitude. If you can keep doing this, she will know you genuinely care about her, will make the girl want you, and this may induce love feelings for you in her heart.

5. Use Flattery  Communication

The kinds of words you use on a woman can influence her to like you, and make a girl fall in love with you.

One smart way you can do this is to flatter the girl, and make her feel special. Sincerely tell her how attractive you find her, and how attractive she is. Do not focus on how sexy she is, but how attractive she is or else she would think that you are not really interested in her, but just want to get her into bed with you.

Genuinely, from your heart, compliment her on specific parts of her body you think are great to look at, and which add to her general beauty. Intentionally let her know by your words that you respect and revere her body. Let it be sincere, by using a steady, confident, consistent voice; do not say it in  a playful tone or else she will know you are not serious.

For example, if you think she has nice-looking legs, you can say something like, “Sue, I think you have great legs. To be frank, I have seen many legs of girls, and I must say your legs are fantastic, superb, and incredibly wonderful!”

If you think her nose looks great, you can say something like, “Wow! You have a great nose! It’s so beautiful! Exquisite! I wish I had a nose like yours! It’s really magnificent!”  Be creative with the words you use—if you know any big words, use them and they will also impress her that you are knowledgeable and well-read, and this will also make you score more points with her.

Using flattery this way can make a woman fall in love with you madly.

However, never flatter a girl about her buttocks, or breasts. This is likely to scare her because she may think you are flattering her just because you want to sleep with her, and make her ignore you, lose her respect for you, or become defensive, which will all not make her favorably disposed to you. Therefore, avoid talking about those parts of her body.

6. Be Charming

Every girl wants a guy who will treat her with respect, and who shows he is a gentleman. Therefore, show her that you think she is a special girl who deserves to receive the most gentlemanly of behavior. Treat the girl nicely and she will like you, and it will also make a woman fall in love with you fast; if you meet her carrying a load on her way to her house, offer to hold it to her door; when you meet her in public, greet her nicely and respectfully; let your general disposition towards her be one of  a man who is friendly.

Another way you can look charming is to smile a lot. When you smile, it gives a person the impression that you are a nice person to have around, someone who has a likeable personality. A smile on your face makes you look attractive and will give her the impression that you  may be a happy-go-lucky guy with a positive approach to life; she will think that you are a less aggressive person, less hostile and less dominant, and a more agreeable person to be with; she will feel you will be a comfortable person to have a relationship with, and is more likely to want to get into a relationship with you—this is how to make a woman want you!

When you go about  always with a frowning face, she will think you are an aggressive, unfriendly person who is not fun to be with, and she may feel that it will be difficult to have a relationship with, and so she will find it difficult falling in love with you.

7. Be Unpredictable

When a person is predictable, when you can easily know how a person will behave, it removes  mystery (which makes something seem exciting) surrounding a person and makes him look ordinary in your eyes.

When there is some mystery surrounding  person, when it is difficult to tell what the next move of a person will be, it makes that person appear mysterious and more interesting.

So, try your best to be as unpredictable as you can be; reveal sides of your character and personality she may have never seen. For example if you a fun-loving  extrovert, you can decide to stay indoors and read for a period, just to let her know that you are a complex person who has things up his sleeves when she enters into a relationship with you. She will know that you can spring surprises on her when she gives her heart to you, which will make your relationship more exciting; this can influence the girl to commit and want only you, and to fall in love with you.

8. Exhibit a Good Sense of  Humor

One of the ways to make a girl fall in love with you is to use a good sense of humor to mesmerize her into liking you. In a 2005 study conducted by Eric Bressler of McMaster University, he found out that, “a woman is attracted to a man who makes her laugh.”

Therefore it will be to your advantage if you develop your sense of humor so that you can make the girl laugh often.

To do this effectively, you must develop your capacity to produce jokes for her to laugh at:

  • Keep in mind the jokes you hear people say and reproduce them when you are with her.
  • Read a lot of jokes and try to commit as many of the ones you think are very funny to your memory.
  • Visit websites that offer jokes, download some of the jokes, and rehearse them.

When you meet your friends, or when you are with your siblings, tell them or act out some of these jokes to see their reaction. If they find them funny, it is likely the girl will also find them funny.

When you meet her and you are having conversations, tell her some of these jokes, or act them, and make her laugh.  She will  like you more and more when you can make her laugh and forget some of her problems, when she can feel relaxed in your presence, and when you keep doing this over time  she will know that you are great fun, and it may make her feel attracted to you, and make the girl fall in love with you.

9. Show You Can Be a “Father”

A father inspires courage and fortitude when we are in the troubled hours of life, and brings comfort and peace.

When you can show her that you are a courageous man, a man who has fears but is not afraid to confront his fears, a man who can protect her when she is in danger, the girl will fall in love with you.

In addition, if you show that you can comfort her in times when she is going through struggle and pain, and offer her words of peace, she will know she has a shoulder to lean on in times of trouble, and it may make the girl love you.

10. Show You Can Be a “Mother”

A mother is a precious person, and a mother’s attitude toward her child is one of gentleness; it is to the mother that a child usually runs when there are tears to be kissed away. A fretful child will often soon fall asleep upon the tender pillow of a mother’s breast.

A man is supposed to be hard, tough, rough, robust, and to be unfeeling. However, if you want to make a girl fall in love with you, then you also have to show to her that you have a feminine side, that is you can be tender, loving, caring, and understanding, like a mother, because every woman wants to be treated tenderly.

When you treat a girl tenderly and with gentleness, like a mother treats her child, when you can wipe away her tears when she is sorrowing, when you are able to soothe her worries and anxieties, you can make the girl  fall in love with you.

11. Take Good Care of Your Appearance

Always make sure you go the extra mile to look as attractive as you can. You may consider wearing orange-colored clothes  a lot; orange sends across a signal that you are friendly, relaxing, and an ambitious person, qualities which women find attractive in men.

When you dress well, it can act as a magnet which will pull her towards you because girls like to go out with guys who look very presentable, she will want to get close to know you more, you can become friends, and it may help you to get a date with her. And when you play your cards right, show you are loving and caring, she may learn to love you too.



If your approach is right and you diligently do the things outlined above, you may make a girl fall in love with you. Things may not happen quickly, but if you exercise patience and persevere in you r attempts, she will respond to you and give you your heart’s desire.


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