Learn to be Content

When John D. Rockefeller was a young man, he was a strong and husky farm boy. He later entered business and drove himself like a slave. At the age of 33, he had made his first million dollars. By concentrating every waking moment on his work, by the age of 43,he controlled the largest business in the world. When he was 53, he was the richest man on earth, and the world’s only billionaire. But in exchange for all his wealth, he had lost his own happiness and health. He lost his hair. One writer says that he looked like an Egyptian mummy. His weekly was a million dollars, but his digestion was so bad that at one point he could eat only crackers and milk. It was generally agreed that he could not live another year. Newspaper writers actually had his obituary written and lying in files.

It was during the long nights when Rockefeller could not sleep, that he began to do some serious thinking. He began to acknowledge that he couldn’t take one penny with him into the next world. He made a commitment that he would transform his money into a channel of blessing for others. He began to help worthy causes. He established the Rockefeller Foundation, and contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to hospitals and missions and medical research. It was his contribution that helped rid the southern part of the U.S.A from the scourge known as hookworm. It was he who financed the research that led to the discovery of penicillin, and the cures of malaria and tuberculosis and diphtheria. But not only did Rockefeller’s giving help thousands of others; it worked a miracle in his own life. He began to sleep and eat normally, and to enjoy life in general. When Rockefeller was 53,it appeared that he would never celebrate another birthday. Btu he started to practice one of God’s eternal laws, the law of giving, and he reaped its benefits. Rockefeller lived not only to see his 54th birthday, but he experienced good measure, running over. He lived until he was 98 years old.


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