The God Who Is Love Loves You

One preacher tells of his experience traveling one day on a train. He noticed a dejected looking young- man with a tear stained face. He could see he had been crying. The preacher yearned to be of some help to him, and so he asked him why he was so dejected and cast down. In answer to his inquiry, the young man told him the old story of a prodigal’s unhappy experience. The youth related how he had left home and spent his best years at the swine trough of sin, only to find out exactly what the boy in the story of the prodigal son discovered—it was all vanity. Now he was on his way back home, but he was afraid his father would be angry. He had written a letter beforehand to his father, requesting that a white cloth be hung in the old apple tree in the front yard, near to the place where the train would pass. The white cloth in the tree would mean ‘‘welcome’’ to the boy; and if it wasn’t there, he would just go on, without getting off at the station. As the train came closer his home, the young man said to the preacher, ‘‘Please, sir, will you look and see if it is there?’’ The boy didn’t want to look. He was afraid it wouldn’t be there. But as the train came closer and closer, and they passed the house, the preacher called, ‘‘Look, my boy, look at that old apple tree—it’s all covered with white cloths.’’ The young man’s sadness was turned to joy. He got off at the station and was restored to his father’s house.

My friend, if you have turned your back on God’s love; if you have invested your life in sinful pleasure; if you are dissatisfied with life, go to Jesus in prayer and tell Him about it. Jesus will give you more happiness than you will ever find in following a life of sin. No matter how deep into sin and misery you may have fallen, you can be cleansed by the blood of Jesus if you will turn your life to Jesus. Today you still have a chance. Don’t throw it away. It may be your last chance to repent. God bless you for responding to His call.


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