Don’t Drive Yourself to Hell

Many years ago, a young man violated some traffic laws, and was involved in a hit and run traffic accident. He was chased by the police, but made a desperate effort to get away. He attempted to get on to a major highway at an interchange. And when he saw that the entrance was lined with cars, he went off the entrance drive, around the pay stations, and sped on to the highway. The police followed the speeding car, and telephoned ahead. Roadblocks were quickly set up in an effort to stop the youth from his mad rush to a likely accident. But he was able to dodge the roadblocks one after another. Sometimes he simply ran them down; other times he crossed the medial strip and went into the other lane of traffic, and then turned back again. Finally, in a desperate effort to stop the young man, two huge tractor trailer trucks were placed across all four lanes of traffic. Red flares were set up at intervals several miles ahead  to warn the driver of approaching danger. Everyone was sure this blockade would stop the mad driver, but as he approached the roadblock, he looked in his mirror; he saw the police behind; he looked straight ahead and saw the two tractor trailers—but instead of stopping, he kept moving at 100 mph, and crashed headlong into the trucks, hurling his soul into an endless eternity. His car went under the trucks, and came out on the other side, a smashed, mangled, twisted bundle of steel.

If you have not believed in Jesus and are not living for Him today, I remind you that just as the policemen did everything within their power to stop the speeding boy, and even gave him warning signals ahead—so God is doing everything possible to keep you from continuing on the path that leads to hell. It is God’s desire that everyone repent, believe the Gospel, and live a new life of obedience to Jesus. If you are living a sinful life, repent. Accept you are a sinner. Believe in Jesus. Confess your sins to Jesus. He will forgive you and turn your life around.


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